How Should I best combat working very irregular hours, in terms of early mornings and late nights?

Alizee Q.
No matter what time you wake or go to bed, try to stick to the same routine. A routine is not a schedule rather a guide to what a day can look like. We are creatures of habit and while spontaneously can be exciting too much is draining. With an irregular work schedule, looking forward to those bits of your day you can count on can help ground your mind.
Storm C.
I've got the same problem… I think one way could be trying to put more self-discipline starting from little goals. And of course it takes time and you have to be constant, patient and also compassionate towards yourself… Not aiming at perfection but trying above all to reach an equilibrium in our imperfections 😊✨ I'm trying too and seeing the first results after a long time. Keep beliving! 💪