How I can stop using my phone in bed?

Lim M.
Honestly I haven't either, but I still sleep no problem. You just have to set up your environment right.

First, I set up my bedroom. I changed out all white light to orange, and only open a few at night so it's dim. I turn off the fan and only use the cooler (I only use the fan in the day, so my room has a very different vibe with just the cooler), I also prepare a face mask. It's kinda special because I never wear it in the day. After a few weeks just putting on the face mask can make me feel sleepy.

Second, give yourself ample time before sleep. For me, I go up at 7~8pm, set up my room. Use my phone a bit. My first alarm (with a lullaby ringtone) goes off at 9pm, where I brush, floss, bathe, then use my phone again. By 1030 my final alarm goes off to ask me to turn off all gadgets. I don't normally follow, but my phone has a bedtime mode that turns the screen grey which I set to turn on my 11pm. By the time I see the grey screen I'd be ready to sleep.

It's very important to do the be grateful and meditate exercises. They help clear out any racing minds or tight chests. Do it right before sleep, while lying in bed, and you may find yourself sleeping in the middle of the routine! That's what always happens to me anyway, so my streak keeps breaking :')

Roxanna S.
I struggle with this myself actually! My advice is to do other things before you actually go to bed. Such as drawing, reading, journal, or plan out the next day.

Kalli G.
Before I go to my bed I put my phone on do not disturb and plug my charger with my morning alarms set… on the other side of my room 😁 good luck loves

Adela Z.
Hello there! It’s easy, you just put them on the airplane mode and put them in another room. You do another things like reading a book or studying. Just make sure to not thing of social media or phone!! ❤️

Caren U.
To power it off completely, bc if it is on then very time it ring or you get a notification you will be tempted to check it

Josephine Z.
Getting a good book has always helped me. Warm tea in one hand and a fascinating book in the other and my phone becomes less and less important!

Katy G.
Set the tone of your bedroom ready to sleep and then when you're done turn your phone to dark mode, airplane mode or turn it off.

Ann N.
If you’re looking for entertainment to avoid your thoughts and emotions or procrastinating going to sleep hoping to extend the evening (which I say because I do as well and am practicing to lessen) then either find a book to read in dim yellow lighting or find a meditation or do some EFT tapping to go to relax your body to sleep. Sleep tea before bed works too.

Alfred U.
Set a specific time to unplug before bed!! Once that time comes, try to find a distraction until bed time! Don't put your phone on your nightstand cause it'll be the first thing you reach for the next morning! And by putting far away from your bed, you're now forced to get up when your alarm goes off…

𝕜𝕒𝕥𝕚 𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕤 N.
I had the same problem, and I recommend that you ask someone to hide your phone for you, or you could set prizes for each time you don't use it, like your favorite candy. I hope that this helps you.

Justin P.
I can stop using my phone in bed by not having the charger right beside me at night. I can also only use it when necessary and not just because I’m bored.

Amour P.
I decided to stop using all electronics in bed that includes my computer; firstly its not safe to use them here because its mot safe cell phones are said to give off radiation and laptops can run hot in your sheets even catch fire. So to protect myself i put it to charge away from me on my desk; have a specified place to rest your phone shut it off and charge it. I also have night routine using it after a specific time; any correspondants will be answered the next day. Best of all turn off portable electronics after a designated time don't aim to watch movies late or work when you are fatigued you will be tempted to take it into bed with you. Your bed is your oasis of rest nothing more or less. Remember tomorrow's another day don't bring it into today get your rest and opperate better tomorrow. I hope this helps.

Chern S.
Switch off your WiFi router if you are using phone with Wifi. Put your phone on airplane mode. And put your phone furthest away from bed. Hide it from plain sight.

Jodi E.
Make a decision that you won’t ever do it again, then don’t. If you allow it once, you will break the cycle. Plug it in when it’s time for bed, in another room preferably and then get to bed.

Al W.
find something that you know you would be engaged in and do it before you sleep, like reading a book or doing some crafts

Heather P.
Put it on do not disturb and place it in a drawer on the opposite side of your room. Or better yet, put it on the charger in another room altogether. If you are using your phone as an alarm clock, don’t. Go get an actual alarm clock. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll sleep better.

Julie B.
There are lots of easy ways to stop using your phone in bed. Put a lamp near your bed. And put several interesting books under the lamp. Even if you only read half a page or paragraph it's a little practice for you to get into before you fall asleep. It's something to wrap your hands around and focus on and read before you sleep. In the book is less likely to keep you up for hours. Keep your phone charger in the bathroom or the kitchen. Do not charge your phone in the bedroom. Do not have a cord near your bed. Every night put your phone on the charger in the other room. And don't look at it till you've been up for a while in the morning.

Sofia O.
What I would do is put my phone on do not disturb and put it away from me. I usually sleep with peaceful music so I put meditation music and close my eyes and think about something that happened during me day

Melanie I.
Turn off your phone COMPLETELY. If you would want to use your phone in bed you would have to turn it on completely again. You can also put your phone on the other side of the room, so that you will have to get out of bed to get your phone.

Floyd J.
I recommend turning it off and putting it away to avoid screen time. Not only that but to prevent tricking your brains as well

Lyna Z.
Turn off your wifi or data
Log out of social media or use an app filter that will disable it
Use a screen filter app to cut out blue light, so you feel sleepy
Try some meditation or sleep stories or sounds and leave your phone on a table and relax in bed. You just might drift off.

Keri N.
Leave it in another room and close your bedroom door. Turn it on do not disturb automatically at a certain hour. Get an alarm clock do not use your phone to wake you.

Meryem P.
Try to close the internet and turn off your notifications. If you have iPhone you can open “do not disturb” mode too. It helped me a lot. And make sure that stays closed all night and you can turn it on in the morning.

Maurice Z.
Hey! I have ADHD so I totally struggle with the same thing. For me, what helped was telling another physical person I would be off my phone by a certain time. If not, it also helped to put my phone charger on another side of the room. That way, I had to get off of it and out of bed to plug it in. Best of luck!

Sam X.
I like to set a reminder on my phone to stop using it and do something other than being in my phone like reading or drawing

Julie B.
This is an easy one. You need to find a home for your phone. Choose a different room. Maybe it's the kitchen. Maybe it's a bathroom. Keep your charger plugged into the wall. And that's where your phone sits when you're charging it. You don't have to hang out with your phone 24/7. It needs a break from you. It doesn't want to hang out with you all the time. I use an app called Forest which is an excellent way to cut down on phone usage. So you charge it in that spot while turned off. You put it there at bedtime. It's in a different room. If you need to entertain yourself for a few minutes as you're about to fall asleep then just have a book nearby or magazine. And spend a few minutes taking a look at that before you fall asleep. And don't turn the phone on again until you've been up for a while in the morning.

Sixto P.
I didn't stop using it in bed. I set my screen to night mode and I plugged it in on the floor where I can't automatically reach it from bed but I can still get to it. This helps me to still listen to a night meditation, alleviate my anxiety about not having my phone at hand but keep it in reach if there's an emergency.

Svenjus Z.
I did not find the perfect solution for this yet. I think it is important to make yourself (and others) clear that you will be going to sleep now before laying down in bed. Finish the phone usage like closing the laptop before going to bed and don't put the phone next to the bed. (Even if it acts as your alarm, bc then you have another reason to get up in the morning right away) I will work on this myself and hope I could help 🙂

Irene U.
I don’t personally think it’s bad to use your phone in bed, but it depends on how you use it. I’d avoid social media and TV shows unless they’re relaxing. I go to iPhone accessibility menu and use the zoom function to make my screen darker than the normal darkest level. There are probably ways to do that on other phones. I listen to music or relaxation videos. Otherwise, I might put the charger too far away so I can’t use my phone and charge it at the same time.

Caren U.
You can simply turn off your Internet as a first thing.2nd create a night routine like washing face, applying moisturizer. So when u plan to sleep , turn off your Internet , silence ur mobile and then do your night routine and goto bed right after. If you keep listening music keep checking time it will be tempting to start using it again

Georgia Z.
For me it works best if I give myself a 'rule' it's not super strict, no punishment if I break it it just gives me good boundaries and help me to really set a habit in place. For example a while ago I wanted to stop drinking orange juice, so I had a rule where I jsut didn't drink any for a few weeks a stuck woth it and now I jave orange juice when I feel like it but not too frequently, same principle with my phone!

Khadijah F.
Use it on the morning and afternoon,and charge it on the night time.make sure the charger are long way from your room,living room?kitchen?everywhere else except your room!good luck ☺

𝕜𝕒𝕥𝕚 𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕤 N.
I struggle with this also. I try to go to bed and only open the alarm app, then I put my phone in the charger and i can't reach it anymore.

Ki Q.
This is a tough one for many people, including me at times. This week though I have done better, by following my evening routine of turning off lights, cooling my room down, making it quieter. I also take a few deep breaths and remind myself I want to get plenty of rest and stay on track with my routine, and then I just go ahead and plug my phone in and set it down, and give sleep a chance to set in. Try observing any sensations or urges that come over you when you do this, including the urge to pick your phone back up, from a remove. You can even visualize these urges as a small child demanding something. Just as you would a child, remind your self that you need your rest and playing on your phone is an obstacle to that. Do this lovingly and gently, and remind your self that you are precious and worth taking care of. Keep fighting for you!

Helen P.
Self-discipline and scheduled time out. I keep my phone and charger in another room overnight and have automatic do not disturb on during the hours I would normally be sleeping

Chryso Z.
Just put it far away from you. Make sure that you don't have enough battery so that you can not use it 😉 Replace it with a book or a crossword.

Jonathan I.
Keep it off my bed table. The problem I am facing is that I want to use my phone for Fabulous and my alarm so I kinda need need it. The solution is that I have two phones so I can put the unwanted apps on the other one

Abigail F.
Honestly, I'm still working on that myself. Something that helps me a lot though is the routine I have before going to bed. I put my phone aside for the time I take to make my bed, brush my teeth and go to the washroom. I also do some yoga, not a whole lot at first but the more I went with this routine the more yoga I found myself doing. Sometimes, I'll also journal. Journal about what I like about my day, random thoughts, things I want to let go of. At which point, I only allow myself to verify my alarms for the next day and put on some sleeping sounds. The sleeping sounds often help me with the itch of grabbing my phone and playing or looking until my eyes fall off far into the night.

Sophie O.
I have put it far from my bed. So far, it has been working well. I have fully committed to the action of not looking at my phone 30 minutes before bed. I managed to complete this action on most night. I still have the urge sometimes to look at it one last time before turning the lights off, but so far I succeeded to not grab it. I pick up a pen and paper and start to write or draw when I really need to do something before going to bed.

Eugen J.
If you use your phone for alarms in the morning and have to keep it near so you can hear it I would suggest putting it much further away and turning the volume up on said alarm(s). This will also help you get up in the morning, as you will have to physically move to turn it off.

If you don’t use it for alarms, put it on the charge and in a lockable box (I use this one – ) then lock it up and leave it for the night. I’d suggest moving it or the key further away, too. You can still have alarms on with it locked up, but it’ll take longer to turn them off!

I really hope that one of these ideas helps you to stop using your phone in bed.

Craig F.
If you can't sleep, always have a book or notebook by your bed. Instead of using your phone, do some reading or write down some thoughts.

Jj Y.
Get an app blocker that has a schedule function and set it to block during your night routine through your morning routine.

Mathilde A.
Just keep away your phone away from bed because keeping phone near you while sleeping can harm you. Watching phone at night can cause sleep problems. Also you can read a good book to avoid thinking of your phone. A good book makes mind fresh and healthy. And if you will read a book at night, then you will get sweet dreams.😊

Brianna T.
I stop using my phone around 8pm pm. I have my phone set to do not disturb from 9pm to 6am. By not using my phone around 8pm, I notice my window of "tiredness" is from 830 – 930. When I did use my phone, I would not notice my window of tiredness because I was fully addicted to messaging, scrolling and liking posts. My mind was on a high. Another thing I did that helps was to turn off notifications from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This helps prioritize my time for meditation, writing and reading. All of these habits have culminated for me to be more well-rested. When I wake in the morning and go to a job I absolutely hate, I am less focused on the job. I'm more focused on only having 15 months left in the Military. That's what excites me. I recommend turning on a do not disturb from bed time to a half hour after wake up time. Also, put your phone down an hour before bed to see when your body naturally produces "sleepy" vibes (Melatonin). After a few days, you'll be able to know, and I recommend sticking with it. Good luck!

Nataka C.
Maybe try going to bed earlier do everything you wanted to do try to fix your sleep schedule do self care maybe that could help

Victor J.
Raed a book or get an App that timeouts your phone apps, so you can listen to music/podcasts without worrying having to end the stream

Liam U.
Can you simply try not to take it with you in your bedroom? It's something I still struggle with on workdays because my phone is my alarm (even though I have another device in another room that has alarms set up as well), but it something worth trying. I know it works for me… On weekend. Good luck!

Aida Z.
iPhone has a way that you can set up your sleep schedule and it signals your wind down an hour or 45 mins before you are supposed to sleep, I use that time to start my sleep routine. Part of that routine after I get ready for bed is opening one of my meditation apps and putting on a sleep meditation 15-20 mins before sleep turning off my phone putting it to the side as the meditation helps me drift to sleep

Ella W.
Have a spot near your bed or outside your bedroom where you can use your phone. Better yet, when you go into your bedroom, have a routine that doesn’t involve your phone. I sit in a glider and write in my journal for about 5 minutes and read a book or my kindle paper white for about 20 minutes. Sometimes I have some tea or wine with me as well. A ritual is the way to go.

Brianna N.
If it’s truly difficult for you, then you should not take the phone to bed with you. Simply turn it off and leave it on the dresser or on the dining room table, that way you can’t see or hear it.

Bernard P.
Hei stranger 🙂 the simple truth is that good disiplin is the only way to stop using your phone in bed. What you have to do is just to decide. Put your phone in other room, buy an alarm clock for your night drower and just do it. No excuses. The world won't end without you 😉

Emil X.
Set a time to unwind before you hit the sack. Allow head space to try and relax and unwind. Practice some mindfulness before turning off the light. Sweet dreams!

Jayden A.
Turn off everything and lock your phone in a box and to sleep blink your eyes many times it will tire your eyes and you'll be able to sleep 💤

Shawn Z.
For me, I try to build a routine that involves putting down my phone so it's away from me as the first step and using other things other than my phone to help me out.
For example, I used to use my phone to track sleep, now I have a fitbit. I used to use my phone alarm, now I have a Google Nest Mini. I struggled getting up and not checking the phone, so I used routines in Google Home onbthe smart speaker to give multiple cues to wake up and I read a book or using a Kindle.
Other replacing the phones functions with other devices and having it away from me, I need a little will power and determination to tip me over edge.
Sometimes I slip, but I remind myself to get back on it.

Carli E.
I feel like using your phone is not a bad thing, therefore you shouldn't stop doing that. Perhaps, if you think you use the phone too much, you should only shorten the time spent on it. Maybe create the habit of putting your phone in another room after let's say for example, 10PM. Maybe delete apps you think are no longer beneficial to you. You'll figure it out soon. Sending love ♡

Carli E.
Set an alarm for when yo put your phone down, what I do sometimes is I find a story online and out the phone screen side down so there's no light and I just listen to the story while I drift off

Kinn T.
Just don't bring it with you. If you bring your phone with you you're going to end up using it for checking messages or reading last minute notifications. The best thing to do is to use it at least one hour before going to bed and disconnect.

Erin F.
you know, it's easier than you think. turn it off and do something else, try reading a book, drawing, listening to your favorite music, whatever you want. just try once and you will realize it's not hard. but you have to do something else, not just laying around thinking about what you could have done on your phone. do something. it's more relaxing spending evening without phones, tablets or computers.

Edwin Y.
Firstly turn off the Internet and put the phone on the silent mode. So it doesn't keep you distracting. Play some nice songs in the Bluetooth. So your mind is calm and don't think too much about the notification of its emergency definitely you will get tha call. Engage in any other activities, like reading, wiring, talking with loved ones so you don't focus on the phone.

Quentin Z.
Don't bring your phone to your bed. You can make rule that you only use your phone in your desk or other room. Don't leave your phone beside your bed too. Leave it far enough so you can't catch it easily.

Madaleno O.
Blue Light Glasses make you less unhealthy, put your phone away an hour before bed that'll help, also put your phone in another room.

Zakaria B.
You need to cut external factors like notifications but most importantly you need to cut the internal ones, takes time but once you are seriously willing to do so it will be achieved in less than 3 weeks

Laura P.
You can set a timer. A half hour before you go to sleep. And when you lay in bed close your eyes and go making your own dreams keep doing that until you fall asleep woth your perfect dream.

𝕜𝕒𝕥𝕚 𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕤 N.
An idea could be to place the phone charger far from your bad, possibly in another room, and keep a book and a proper alarm on your bed side. This way you won't have the choice

Aprily R.
Put your phone far away, then when you started to thinking of using your phone, dont even let it think and start to take a breath, feel your body heat and relax, feel the softness of your bed and make yourself comfortable

Bonnie F.
This is just a bad habits, you have not to make it become an addiction. What can work is to set a timer and when you see it just leave your phone and don't touch it. If it doesn't work you can set many alarms to remind you. When you leave your phone don't forget to put it in silence and to switch off the notifications like that you won't get back on it. Take a few breathes.

Charlotte Q.
You can use wireless AirPods or earbuds in bed so you can listen to music or a podcast and not be on your phone. I listen to an audiobook and put it in a sleep timer

Grace F.
Distract yourself with something else, like a book or a hobby that doesnt require the use of your phone. Do something that will help you fall asleep easier and faster.
Take it slow. Maybe for the first day turn your phone off 5 minutes before you sleep and then as the days go on add extra 5 minutes until at some point you want be on your phone 50 minutes before sleeping.
Remember that it wont be everyday that you can accomplish this goal however always try again the next day to get back on track.
At some point in the future you'll look back and wonder how you were able to be on your phone just before sleeping.

Kelly R.
You could have a limits on your phone for when you can use certain apps. E.g. social media, games, non-essential apps can be blocked an hour before bed until you wake up in the morning. You could even have restrictions on your Wi-Fi.

But please remember that it'll be hard to make these changes initially so start small. Don't cut everything off all of a sudden because you probably won't be able to maintain it. Cut off the apps/Wi-Fi 15 mins before bed, then over time maybe 30, then 45, then 60. Make sure it's a gradual change 🙂

P. S. I don't know who you are but I'm proud of you. For even being this on this app, your actively trying to change your life. Well done and I hope you're doing okay. I know you can do this 😚

Oceano E.
Try to put it far away from your side bed and put it in to do not disturb mode. Do not spend too much time on social media before your bedtime.

Rima E.
Plan to do something else instead, if you have children, sit with them, read them a bed time story, or if you don’t you can read a book, or write a journal.
The key is :
Don’t just stop it, replace it.

Theda Z.
Small steps, do step and small accounts, you can put your cellphone far from you or turn it off, you can put it in the option of night (sleep) mode.

Elona Ann R.
Find a way to fall asleep on my own so that I don't need my phone,seat on the couch if I want to use my phone rather than in bed,not use my phone before going to bed.placemy phone far away from my bed

The Scurvy Bruce N.
Buy an Alarm clock. Seriously an Alarm clock takes care of the most common reason people keep their phone by the bed. If you dont have to use your phone as an alarm clock the plug it in to charge in a different room. Any notifications will be there in the morning. Theres power in out of sight out of mind. And if theres something else your phone gets used for find a replacement. Need white noise to fall asleep, lots of alarm clock are also radios. Need a nightlight motion sense plug in nightlights are cheap and easy. Our phones are miracles of technology and a lot of us rely on them. Heck you're probably using a phone to read this. But simpler low tech solutions are still solutions.

Jasmine E.
Try not to get distracted by disturbing notifications. Instead, play some indoor games with your friends or family and if your alone at home, then do some exercise, study or take a short walk. Those are my tips.

Noemie Y.
Put it somewhere where you won't be bothered to go get it or If you listen to music on you phone just turn your phones brightness all the way down and put it on silent and listen to your music and go to sleep

Magdalena V.
When you wake up the first thing you should do is to drink a glass of water, try not to use your phone in the first hour of waking up and dont use before going to bed

Tamanna N.
Replace it with something. Try reading a book or listening to podcasts. Realise what you like to see when you look in your phone and try that particular replacement.

Annea C.
Place your charger away from your bed, so when you need to charge your phone at night, it won't be next to you and you won't be temped to use it

Gabriel U.
I have DND and bedtime mode scheduled so rather than just being able to pick the phone up and look I have to unlock and stuff. That extra step helps me.

Annita U.
Don't take it into your bedroom. If you really feel you need it in there. Before you go to bed, check your alarm is set properly and anything else you need to check. Plug it in and put a note on top to remind yourself not to touch it. Then brush your teeth and do your nighttime routine. When you get into bed, remember why you wrote that note and don't touch it.

Sara B.
For me it helps to compare the pros and cons. What will I gain from using my phone in bed? And what will I loose if I do? And how important are the pros in relation to how much I will loose? Try to see the big picture and not just to satisfy what you want to do in this very moment. How would your life change if you put down your phone, got a better and longer nights sleep tonight and every night?

Isaac F.
Now that is a very difficult question for me to answer because i'm writing this at precisely 2AM, i can't stop myself either. But something you should try, is to put your phone in another room an hour before you go to sleep, so that you can take time for yourself and do something else that's not connected to your phone. Like reading, journaling, drawing,… all types of things you could do before sleeping. Or you could drink a calming tea that has melatonin. I don't know if that exists but you could try and find some. Another thing you can try: if you don't have an iPhone, you're not gonna care about the next few minutes of reading, so pass this and wait for the "~".
What you can try, is that in the settings of your iPhone, you can set a timer for your apps. So that at a certain time you're not allowed to use them until they are turned back on at a set time. It worked well for me a little while but then i failed completely. So i'll let you experience that on your own.

~Here, i hope those tips help a little.

Sam X.
I used to charge my phone in the battery so I couldn’t reach it. Now when I don’t need it I have under my pillow for emergencies only. With that in mind, I sleep faster and it doesn’t waste any time at night.

Louise U.
Try not to take to your bedroom. If you use it as an alarm consider an alarm that is just that or use a smart assistant to wake you. Mine wakes me bird song. Good luck.

Jenni E.
Honestly that is still something I struggle with. I try to go to bed 15 mi utes before I usually go. I write in my journal and then pick up a book to help me relax. I s add Leo charge my phone in a different room.

Liz Q.
Charge your phone across the room from you at night, and don’t allow yourself to look at notifications or scroll social media until after you’re ready for the day and have completed your morning goals.

C I.
I think one of the easiest ways to stop doing that is to charge your phone across the room somewhere (or better yet, in another room). You could also have your phone's "bedtime mode" set up (mine puts my phone in grayscale mode from bedtime to 4am, which makes it less exciting to use and reminds me that it's time for bed). Also, if I go to bed exhausted, I'm highly unlikely to reach for my phone since I can barely keep my eyes open anyway; building a consistent sleep schedule and taking melatonin every night have helped me with that.

Idelso G.
You can stop using your phone in bed by not bring the phone into the bedroom or by leaving it to charge on a port on the other side of room. Personally, I use the latter. Leave my phone on the other side of the car Pom also helps me to not hit the snooze button when my alarm sounds.

Sadio N.
First of all stop using your phone at least one hour before going to bed. Organize everything, set your alarm, etc and put your phone as far away from your bed as possible. This will help you disconnect and help you get up more easily in the morning. Then try to keep a book close to your bed so you can read instead.

Sam X.
I think you can try it by stopping to do what you do on your phone when you are in bed. I can share my experience that I often play a lecture that helps me sleep. I won't like to do anything when it's on and try to focus on the with the phone lying beside my pillow.

Tasia V.
Don’t keep your phone in your bedroom at all. Charge it in another room at night. If you can’t do that, at least set it across the room from the bed at night, and make sure to set up a “do not disturb” routine on your phone so the screen is dark and apps are on time out when you should be offline. Even if you override your own system once in a while, the extra steps will give you pause and maybe stop the behavior.

Elspeth E.
Just really think, is it really worth it? What am I possibly missing out on? Find a good book or a hobby to occupy your other time with. Work out before bed so that you're tired and really feel like you need to sleep.

Umma F.
Set a routine for bed time and phone checking time. Don’t mix both of them. When you go to bed , switch off your phone. Charge your phone in other room. Put some stickers on your mirror, near bed and phone cover “no phone in bed time”.
I will help I think.

Ela Y.
Here's a tip: check your phone 1 hour before sleeping then before you sleep put your phone in another room or put it in airplane mode. It will make it a lot easier

Ellemieke U.
Lie your phone out of arm's reach when you go to bed. Make sure it's far enough so that you connot reach it while lying or sitting in bed.

Ray E.
Honestly I can’t get of this habit cause my phone had everything on it, but in the day , being busy keeps you not using the phone during the day

Tim F.
If you’re like me, you probably charge your phone over night, right? Here’s a trick that worked for me: Move your charger out of your bed room. Set it up in the kitchen, living room, literally anywhere but your bedroom. That way, you won’t even be able to take your phone to bed with you. Yes, you may have to invest in an alarm clock to see this through, but trust me, it’s worth it.

𝑵𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝑺𝒉𝒆𝒎𝒔 N.
First, turn on the airplane mode early (around 2 hours before going to bed) and put your phone out of your sight so you won't be tempted to take it. Then, find an activity to keep you busy until you fall asleep (read a book, listen to the radio, meditate, …).

Ceri N.
Turn flight mode on, read a book, put phone further away from you like somewhere where have to walk to get it or better still put in in another room lock it away!.

Caren U.
Send everyone a last message you will an answer on at least 2 hours before u go sleeping and in stead of scrolling Trough apps for hours u can read a book that interests you

Abigail P.
Well what I did was reflection time I put on calming music, and then write in a note book or anything to write on about my thoughts and feelings. Another was is to just sit or lay in bed put like Forest sound on and read for 20 mins. I hope this helped!

Joneil R.
As for me… Everytime I go to bed, I always put my phone far from me to avoid temptation from using it. Sometimes I put my phone in the living room so that I am not able to get it because of my tiredness.

N Amh Z.
Charge it either outside of your bedroom or at the other side of your room. Put it on do not disturb mode or turn off the wifi

Carli E.
Make a plan for yourself like set a time of day that you put your phone down maybe an hour before you go to bed or a half hour whatever you prefer and when you go to bed you would already be in the habit after so long of doing it to just go to bed without it

Rachel F.
If you use your phone or tablet in bed to read, go old school and buy books instead. If you check social media or start doing ‘life admin’ such as paying bills, replying to emails, looking for cheaper energy bills etc, then set aside another time of day for these things. Maybe use a Fabulous ‘deep work’ or ‘declutter’ moment during the day for your life admin. Checking social and chatting with friends can be part of a building strong relationships habit. 💕. Make putting your phone on charge out of your bedroom part of your bedtime routine. If you use a sleep app, remember that nothing bad will happen if you stop using it! Remember to cancel the subscription though!

Vincent O.
Be intentional. First start by limiting the time. Allow yourself to use it in bed but only for a certain amount of time. Comit to that every night. Or every other night. Create a habit for it on the app. I recommend the Disconnect and Unplug habit.

Terri P.
Although a hard thing in our digital age its not impossible. Self control is key. I tend to play music or meditate at night as a means to relax myself before bed. You can also read a book as a way to limit phone use too. Good luck.

Samantha O.
When we sit down at the table, we all place our phones in a basket, the table is a "phone free zone". Maybe the bed can be the same. Put your phone far away across room and plug it in over there. Then when your alarm goes off you have to get up to get it and aren't temped to tiktok all night.

Heidi U.
Dont take it to bed with you. I had this idea that it had to be with me so I would wake up in time. To solve that, I just bought myself an alarm clock 🙂
Now I have books and an alarm clock next to my bed and nothing more (also helps you not go straight into your phone in the morning)

Charles X.
Put it down and not near your bed so it doesn’t distract you I have certain spaces like work spaces and sleep spaces I keep any form of technology away from that space because that space is for sleep

Byron J.
I put it on my table, play some musics that I loved for one hour, and turn on my morning alarm. It was work for me to sleep better.

Magda T.
I like to put my phone downstairs around 30 minutes before I get in bed. I give myself time to get ready and calm down. If you can find a book that interests you, you can put that next to your bed and read about 15-20 min to calm your mind down.

Mabel X.
The key is to distance yourself from your mobile phone at least 45 mins before sleeping. If you must use your phone for some useful stuffs at night just try to finish all the tasks requiring phone at least 45 mins prior to sleep time.
If you keep your phone near you at the night time because of the alarm, invest in an alarm clock, stop using phone as alarm device.

Friedericke A.
I always put my cell on vibrate and stick it under my bed or pillow so that I forget about it but can still use my alarm.

Ling Y.
Put your phone away from your bed and then when you get up make your bed first. This will help you don't want to sit on a clean bed

J D N.
I would but it on the charger in another room. And put it on airplane mode AND do not disturb so not notifications can have you wanting to check

Melissa O.
I moved my charger to the bathroom so when I'm gettiready for bed I leave the phone there, this way my phone is not the last thing I see before bed and is not the first thing I see when I wake up (that's how it has been for years). Also, I am using alexa as my alarm clock in the morning with some positive music to wake up…..hope my experience helps you!

Zo F.
My iPhone and Android devices both have features that limit screen time which can be a useful deterrent for using your phone in bed. My Android device also has a "Wind Down" feature which causes my phone to shift into a black and white format at bed time which I have found reduces my desire to use my apps and browse social media feeds.

C E.
It’s difficult because the app also creates evening routines where I depend on my phone. But, I’ve found autoscheduling airplane mode and actually putting on a sleep mask as the sleep signal very helpful.

Philip P.
non lo so onestamente. penso ci voglia solo tanta forza di volontà per una persona che abitualmente ci passa molto tempo sopra.

Rhianna Y.
Put it away somewhere far away so you don't get provoked to pick it up and turn off your notifications so nothing reminds you of it and maybe if you're not tired, put a book or something non-screen related next to your bed so you pick that up instead.

Kiarra N.
Don’t use it as an alarm, and charge it in another room! Also keep your mind occupied by having a night routine including reading or journaling before bed.

Sarah N.
One day at a time just put it down I know it's hard but just put it down and when you start to do it every day you'll get better and better and better

Yasmine R.
Hi! Just take a book a read a bit instead. I know that in the first days you might not like it, but later on it becomes such a natural thing to do before bed!

Milan Z.
Try to find exercises you can do on your own and excits you.
Some sort of meditation 、playing some game in your head、petting your cat or dog if you have own、imagine some role play in which you're the hero、trying inducing your dream with chosen topics、visualisation exercises……..

Rieman N.
Try to do something creative, such as painting, all of the lines and colors will make you sleepy and maybe finish it the next day.. try to move your body, do yoga or stretches, same thing for your mind, do meditation (guided or not) using meditation apps or just youtube videos and maybe read a book, take care of your skin, journal or do some gratitude, spend time with your family, friends or pets..and you can do something as simple as lighting a candle and listening to some calm music! Have a good day/night!

Jalisa P.
✔️Turn On “DO NOT DISTURB” sleep setting
✔️Distract yourself with THE PRESENT MOMENT!
✔️Remember that phones are Distracting to a pure mind.

Joanne W.
Buy an alarm clock if you use your phone for that. Then remove your phone chargers and accessories from your bed room. Place them in another room. Or, if you have to keep it in your room (shared apartment or dorm or whatever) put the charger across the room. Also, there are apps that you can install to limit your time using certain apps. Install them and keep your time restricted in those apps you use when in bed.

Robin W.
I just don't allow myself to use my phone starting 40 minutes before my bedtime. I then have my consistent routine of bathroom activities, journaling, stretching and then falling asleep. This is much more effective than just trying not to touch your phone while you're in bed. Also I use the Google clock app where I created a Bedtime routine so my phone automatically goes into silent mode at the time I go to bed and wakes me up at a consistent time. Build this habit and you won't even consider using your phone again in bed 😉

Ty Z.
As soon as you go into your room to go into bed, put your phone on charge far from your bed then go to bed. Unless you're willing to get up and stand there on your phone when you should be sleeping, it should help.

Riley T.
Replacing my phone with a book will help. I can also set all alarms and finish all my phone stuff to do an hour before bed time.

Ralf X.
You could have a limits on your phone for when you can use certain apps. E.g. social media, games, non-essential apps can be blocked an hour before bed until you wake up in the morning. You could even have restrictions on your Wi-Fi.

But please remember that it'll be hard to make these changes initially so start small. Don't cut everything off all of a sudden because you probably won't be able to maintain it. Cut off the apps/Wi-Fi 15 mins before bed, then over time maybe 30, then 45, then 60. Make sure it's a gradual change :)You could have a limits on your phone for when you can use certain apps. E.g. social media, games, non-essential apps can be blocked an hour before bed until you wake up in the morning. You could even have restrictions on your Wi-Fi.

But please remember that it'll be hard to make these changes initially so start small. Don't cut everything off all of a sudden because you probably won't be able to maintain it. Cut off the apps/Wi-Fi 15 mins before bed, then over time maybe 30, then 45, then 60. Make sure it's a gradual change 🙂

P. S. I don't know who you are but I'm proud of you. For even being this on this app, your actively trying to change your life. Well done and I hope you're doing okay. I know you can do this 😚

Aid F.
That is definitely a problem for me as well sometimes but to reduce the time and stop using my phone in bed, I have deleted most of the apps such as TikTok and Instagram that I have found to be used most before bed. Those apps weren't necessary or important in my life, and only meant for entertainment purposes so that's why I was willing to make that sacrifice for a better sleep and sleeping schedule.

Agar T.
If you create a charging space for your electronics in the living room or kitchen you can avoid using your phone. I recommend buying an alarm clock to make it easier when leaving your phone in another room. Another thing I found works is setting a do not disturb alarm on your phone every night and logging your sleep schedule in your phone. Your phone will wind down with you and limit access to certain apps to help avoid electronics before bed.

Misaki Z.
Read a book before you go to sleep, it's a way of focusing your attention in something different that the brain has to process a little more other than looking at ig

Ignatz X.
Simply keep it out of the same room as you and put airplane mode on of it needs to charge just love the charger to a different outlet or get a portable charger. Hope this helps!!

Hannah Q.
A way to stop trying to use it is to set a timer (about an hour-2 hours) before u go to bed. Once that timer goes off, switch off your phone, and put it away. Try to find something to relax and entertain yourself. Read a book, meditate, yoga any relaxing activity. When its time to go to bed you will feel happy and relaxed, ready for a good night's sleep.

Yumi A.
blocking some apps in the focus mode, having silent notifications one hour before go to bed at least, turning to gray screen – this one is super effective to me, it makes annoying looking at screen.

Geza T.
I use my phone in bed because I can't fall asleep easily so I think if I work on my sleep schedule I will be able to fall asleep better and stop using my phone

Racho N.
I leave it across the room & turn it off. I finish anything I need to do on it before going into bed. No one really needs me during sleep hours or even a bit before and after, so I leave it off and out of sight.

Firy J.
You can change settings on your phone or say to yourself: "I need to sleep because …" (for example 'cause you will get up early tomorrow)

Joshua Y.
I moved my phone charger away from my bedside and to my desk across the room – that way when I plug it in to charge overnight, it's not within an arms reach and I'm not tempted to use it.

Madi F.
I turn all of my notifications off before I go to sleep besides for my calls, text, and alarms. It helps me to not look at my phone though out the night.

Sofia C.
I have recently changed my settings to night shift that starts already at 8 pm. This changes the screen to a darker red orange light. The phone becomes less desirable and the blue light that disturbes our melatonin production is reduced.
I have also invested in books I like to read that are easily available and changed my evening routines. When it’s time for bed it’s time to sleep.
Read just a few pages, lights off and evening meditation. 😴
An alternative is to never bring the phone to the bedroom. Ever.

Milly A.
I havent fully worked this one out properly yet. But here are some tips im trying. Find a good book you like and substitute your phone for that. Don't use your phone near your bed at all any time of day, this will train your brain that it is a no phone zone. Finally, dont get in bed until you're tired, this will prevent you from wanting to go on your phone when in bed, as you'll be sleepy. Hope this helps!

Juha H.
Make your bed a holy land where phones are not allowed. It's a place for people and sleeping. Nothing else. Put your phone away to a different place.

Steph N.
Find a new habit to replace it. Like colouring, word search, knitting, sudoku, lego, google things other activities that might be of interest and get your mind away from your phone. Another way is if its an iphone you can set a timer on how long you can use apps or websites, utilize that.

Frederik N.
Using a routine like, putting on the blind fold, room is cold, cover myself and make sure i take melatonin and the room is dark.

Ginestal A.
Try turning of your data or wifi so you can't use social media or try trning it off completely. Personally I place my phone on "do not disturb" and place it far from me so I'd be lazy to get up.

Shreya Q.
Try to get your mind off whatever your socially doing on your phone and embrace what you have have the journey and the time to recreate what’s left feel the journey ahead you not what’s on your phone

John F.
Active the plain mode and don't active wi-fi or anything. Put the phone down and if you can put it away from your bed. If you can, don't put yout wake up alarm on your phone, use a digital clock intead, for example. Try to define a time before bed where you will do whatever you want to do with you phone and then put it down with screen down. Hope i helped!

Ng P.
I stop using phone before bed 30 minutes. Before disconnecting I make sure I done everything that I need to use my phone with. Then in that 30 minutes I form a habit of doing things that I don't need my phone for like read a book or write in my diary. Then I go straight to bed.

Andrei G.
As for all habits, there are the tiny steps that matter. First small step is to observe this behaviour and it's opportunity costs. Observing you while using the phone in bed is a good start. See what you get from that and what you have to put aside (cost of opportunity). When observing you will see also a value or a non-value in continuing to do so.

Bonnie Z.
I turn off my phone a half hour before I go to bed. I still leave it on the side of my bed on the nightstand to charge but with it turned off I don't pick it up to look at in bed anymore so far.

Karolin R.
Try to download apps that can help you remind to control yourself from using it on the bed you cand download Family Link by Google.

Nayana T.
Most of the times I have to force myself to do it. And subconsciously I know that I’m m going to feel satisfied and happy after keeping up my habit so that pushes me to do it

Maddy E.
You can put it on silent, in the morning I know I use my phone a lot. Start journaling in the mornings it makes you feel lighter and better in the head.

Theresa Y.
The best way is not to allow phone and other electronic devices in the bedroom. If it's not possible, then the phone can be left far from bed when going for sleep.

Jody N.
Set a time to put away your phone. Substitute something else relaxing to do, such as read an actual paper book or work a crossword puzzle.

Tempest W.
• Power your phone off while you're getting ready for bed
• Put your phone far enough away from you that you can't reach it (or even on the other side of the room or in another room)
• Silence your phone before you go to bed

Asano Z.
I tend to set timer in phone to night mode 1 hour before I go to sleep. I set my phone only to check Fabulous app and meditation app during the night time. No messaging and SNS. This gives me a good reminder!

Oskar B.
I think the best way to stop using the Phone in bed is to start reading in a book of interest to you about 1 hour earlier than night-time. That should set you down into sleeping mode.

Victoria N.
I am still a bit troubled by this but I do find that on the days I read or spend time reflecting on my day with my family I don't even feel like using my phone before bed.I try to mentally exhaust myself so I want to sleep rather than stay up on social media.

Leela N.
Its not easy but just clean your room before sleeping and make yourself tired after that just turn your phone off ( your alarm clock still works) and then dream or think about something nice 👍 Good luck!🍀

Maryam S.
To put it away in another room , if you cant just put away from your bed, and turn off the volume of it .
Reduce your time of using it while preparing for your sleep. 😊😇

Charles Z.
Have an alarm clock next to the bed and listen to Fabulous and take an electronics break a couple of hour before you turn in. During the break plug it in, in another room. In a few days you won’t even miss it. You are an amazing person. You can accomplish anything!! You can do it!!!

Emilio V.
1. Separate your spaces according to what you want to do there.
Make a separated space where you can be comfortable with your phone but not on your bed.
Try to adapt your living room or entertainment room for that purpose, since your bed only purpose is to sleep there.
2. Try putting your phone far away from your bed to make it complicated for you to reach when you are in bed. Make it more complicated for yourself to be in that position of using your phone in your bed.
3. Put an alarm at a certain time at night to stop using your phone so you can detach yourself from it. So you can relax and prepare yourself to sleep well

Selmaan N.
Close your phone or put it on charge and set it far away from you or your bed. Here's why. The blue light from the phone is interfering with the body's production of melatonin which is the hormone that helps you sleep naturally That's how and why you stop using your phone in bed.
Selmaan A Ali

Rajdeepali E.
Start reading book on bed…..
Daily 1 chapter before sleep daily
Or you can start writing journal
About your day went…..and get a peaceful sleep

Breanna U.
I should stop using my phone in bed as can be distracting when attempting to get a good night sleep. Instead of being on your phone listen to some ambience from YouTube to help find comfort in the mind and relax.

Sarah Y.
I depend on my phone as an alarm so I do have it by my bed, but my phone charger is short enough that I can’t actively use my phone while it charges. So I turn it to silent and flip it screen down to charge overnight so it doesn’t disturb my sleep! And using it a bit more and not recharging in the day helps with the need to charge it pretty much right as I get into bed.

Tricia X.
First thing, what are you doing on your phone? Are you using it as a distraction? Planning your day? Looking at social media?

If you are using it for planning our emails/texts, try to create your to-do list and get things done before you go to bed. If you're searching the net or social media, set aside time in your day and stick to it that time.

Create a new habit to do instead. For instance I like to listen to an audio book while I lay in bed. I use my phone, but set it on the other side of the room and have a pair of cordless headphones so I'm not tempted by other apps. The audio book let's me disconnect, and turn off my anxious thoughts while being entertained and I fall asleep now quickly. Check out your local library goyod free audio books you can listen to on your phone.

Miranda W.
Mayne try putting it across the room. This also helps me wake up on time. I use flash notifications for my morning alarm and out my phone somewhere where I will have to get up out of bed to reach it.

Ryan T.
Put it in the farthest corner Of The robom and krep it on silent. That way, you won't hear any notifications that distract you and if you wanted to uspe the phone, you would have to get up and out of the bed to get it.

Heather P.
The most obvious answer is to not bring it in the bedroom but it may be a little more complicated than that, yes? Pick a time to put down all things electronic…phone, music, and television. Stick to the time. At 9 pm for me, all electronics are off, my phone is on mute and I put it on a charger in a different room. Do something similar. You can do it. In the meantime pick up a book or magazine and read that in bed instead. You’ll sleep better.

Richard E.
Hi! I would say read A book, one you really intressed in. You feel more productive en more ready to go to sleep. If you don’t like to read than maybe you should try to medidate before you go to sleep, it helped me.

Clara T.
There are two things I like to do to avoid using my phone in bed. One, it is very helpful if you give yourself an hour to use your phone before bed. For example, if you sleep at 10 then using your phone at 9 for the full hour is a good start. Put an alarm before your "phone time" to know when the clock hits 10. Two, another thing I like to do is to just disconnect and relax. The app has relaxing music and it really helps to take away the temptation of using your phone. I use both methods sometimes at the same time and other times individually. Either way, these are the ones that helped me make a better habit.

Louise Q.
You need to rest and be ready for some sleep to provide you with energy and so does your phone.
I always charge my phone when I go to bed, in another room. From 22 in the evening until 7 in the morning it is on mute. The only thing that can unmute it in this period of time is numbers from a group I have made (my family) so their call always will go through. But not text messages.
All other things is set to sleep on my phone.

Millie X.
i can set a downtime on my phone or i can set an alarm on my phone to tell me when to turn it off. i can also keep my phone in another room at night.

𝕜𝕒𝕥𝕚 𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕤 N.
The easiest way to not use your phone is to not have it on you. Consider charging it overnight in a separate room. Personally, I limit my screen time so "night time" mode engages around 8 so I can wind down & refrain from looking at it. Also, try turning off notifications so there's no initial temptation.

Marinei G.
If you have an android you can go to settings then digital balance press 'me' then press away time and set when you want you device to power on and off if you have an apple device set an alarm or reminder to switch your device off make sure the sound repeats until you press the OK or stop button, hopefully this will help

Thea F.
I actually had a problem with using my laptop not my phone, but it is quite the same.
Regarding my phone, it goes on “night mode” at 10pm so no notifications won’t disturb me.
Regarding my laptop, I had to decide it won’t enter my bedroom again. During the first fabulous journey I made my bedroom a laptop-free place and my bed an electronic-device-free place. You might want to buy a good old alarm clock and leave your phone out of your bedroom.
Take care!

Adrianna E.
Setting a timer or routine on your phone to lock you out of certain apps is best if you're trying to cut down screen time. I have an android routine to go into low power mode at 10 pm and limits my apps.

Magnus A.
try not to go to bed with the phone in your hand. sit in a desk, couch, anywhere that isn't your bed. soon your mind will connect your bed with sleeping/relaxing instead of the use of using your phone.

Shams T.
See what I do is I look at the wall and talk to my and about my feelings and what I am thinking I just say it out loud once I get bored I close my eyes and sleep

Benjamin E.
You can create a phone jail, a place where you place your phone, preferably out of your reach. Turning off notifications or enabling the do not disturb mode also helps reduce the urge to check your phone on the bed. I also find turning the phone off an effective measure.

Juan O.
Keep your phone away from your bed. Also, don't put charger at your nightstand where it is very accessible. Try using your phones feature where you can schedule a time off.

Colleen C.
If possible put it in charge out of reach from your bed before you get into bed that way you will have to get out of your bed to check it and once you are comfy in bed you are likely going to be to lazy to get out of your bed to check your phone.

Ine N.
My trick is to stay out of social media apps in bed. I tend to allow myself some phone time in the morning, since that tend to wake me up. But no more than 10 minutes, and only checking the news (no social media). If i want to check social media, it has to be after my morning routine is complete. In the evening I am very strict about checking my phone, and only allow it for the use of guided meditation and/or audiobooks. I just know that diving into that rabbit hole of social media in bed can turn minutes into hours, and it most likely will leave me in a sad or bad mood. Just remembering that dissapointed feeling I get after wasting so much time on my phone, keeps me from doing it. And I replaced the social media scrolling with listening to guided meditation and audio books and checking the news.

Sebastian P.
Add a timer to your phone and run it when you are using it at bed if you use your phone more than 30 minutes turn your phone off

Lucas F.
I always keep my Kindle on my bed, so when I go to sleep, I'll remember to read instead of using my phone. You should do something like this, put something on or near your bed that you could use instead of your phone, it could be a book, a journal or anything that you won't be tempted to ignore

Indira I.
I personally struggle with the same problem. But I have recently challenged myself to do a to do list which which allows me to use my phone for a short while as I have things to do then when its time to sleep I sleep. It's been only a few days but I'm really proud of myself.

Aubin O.
You can switch to "do not disturb mode" before bed, so you will get accustomed with the idea, and try another activity before bed, one that doesn't include screens: meditating, reading, listening to music/an audiobook, or journaling. Create a routine and stick to it.

Maddie T.
I usually try to answer emails and text messages before I put it down for the night and that helps me. Another thing you can do is put the downtime feature on your phone so you are less tempted to get on it. When I’m done with my phone for the night I also turn on do not disturb and turn the brightness all the way down as a reminder not to get on your phone. I keep my phone by my bed but I keep it facedown so it doesn’t light up the room. I hope this answers your question! Good luck!

Chanel W.
I have a really hard time with this too since starting my new job I've been so tired that I haven't fought putting it down. My best advice though would be the night routine . In my night routine I have 3 habits. I read for 30 mins then I unplug from everything. Social media extra. Then I do darker ,quieter, cooler and play nice relaxing sounds to sleep. The sounds have me out before I can ever think about picking up my phone again lol. Hope this helps !!

Xen Crates C.
Analys what you do in that time
Think how you can change the time you do that
Dont remove the habot
Replace it with something else

Nassam N.
Well, I don't exactly know honestly but I believe that you can do many things other than using your phone. For example, reading a short story before going to bed. These days people use their phone before they sleep and sometimes they get distracted by it and forget to sleep. So for that, you can always try to read a short story and try to clear up your mind and try to sleep.

Kenan O.
If you have your charger just beside your bed, move it so that it's in another room or so that you can't reach it from your bed😊

Ana Maria Q.
Find other activities to engage with, such as reading or listening to an audiobook, meditating or breathing exercises or even letting your mind wonder for a bit. Good luck, stranger! ❤️

Ritambhar Q.
Just keep reminding your brain how pathetic you feel after using your phone on the bed.

Eventually… you will stop using it.

Anka F.
Until now i have no answer for this problem because it happens to me all the time. But lately i try to always remember that i need to wake up at specific time and i need to have fulfill my sleep time. And then i start to switch off my l

Manal N.
One hour before bed charge your phone as far away from you as possible and plunge into a book. Soon after you will fond yourself having a good night sleep

Em N.
Sometimes it's hard to just leave it out of your room so a way I've found is just moving it to the other side of the room and just leaving it there also putting your phone so it doesn't notify you after a certain time, then make a time where you say okay I'm going to bed then just leave you phone on the other side of the room and go lay down it took a little while before I'd fall asleep so I found taking a book and flashlight or table light and reading for a bit helped then if you get up every morning at the same time and go to bed around the same time it will be easier to fall asleep with the lack of a screen 🤷🏼‍♀️ if that helps

Maria Liisa Z.
Put it far away and find a boring book to read in bed so you fall asleep in no time, or maybe do some easy crafts like crocheting or embroidery (do not recommend sewing or knitting since theyre nervewracking)

Katrina F.
You could try creating a "home" for your phone, a spot on a desk in another room, or far from your bed out of arms reach. and put on your To Do list that your phone will rest there each night. Or download an app blocker.

Lummi W.
When I go to bed I put my phone on the other side of my night stand so I can’t reach it. I also put my phone on silent mode so I don’t get any notifications when I am trying to sleep. I really recommend doing this if you have a hard time getting to sleep. I believe in you. You can do it. ❤️☺️

Veronika F.
It's plainly impossible XD you could deinstall apps, that harm you because you spend to much time on them like Facebook or Instagram.

Robin Y.
A way to stop using your phone in bed is getting a book to read or get a notebook to write your thoughts. Another way is to simply put it on the counter charging so it won’t be in your hand and just simply lay down and think and reflect on how your day went.

Janka N.
Find something better to do!
Literally anything! Reading, stretching, meditating, journaling, anything!
I’m not gonna lie, I do use my phone in bed…
But I use it for my before bed yoga practice or to turn on a podcast or to wish good night to a loved one
Now these shouldn’t make you feel guilty, we’re all human, we’re not perfect, so remember to start small!

Eliza N.
leaving your phone out of reach or upstairs whilst downstairs and vise versa. I feel like thinking of how bad i feel afterwards helps and helps me prevent myself before i get stuck in the world of social media

C Lian Z.
Try to read a book and get lost in it or just think of something and get deep in your thoughts till your brain get tired and goes to sleep.

Ellie E.
If you read about how bad that is for you, you will automatically stop using your phone in bed. Otherwise reading helps. You end your day in a relaxing way and fall asleep faster.

Indira I.
Place it as far as possible when charging, take a shower before sleeping and start a routine like brushing your heart put cream time will fly and soon you will be sleeping

Ameena L.
Keep the phone in another room far away, get a side lamb good for the eyes & read a calm book to take your mind away from your phone an hour before bedtime

Amy I.
Charge my phone. I watched somewhere that you shouldn't use your phone when it is charging as electric charges transfer into your body. Also lie in bed and contemplate life and what I need to do tomorrow.

Summer F.
Try keeping your phone away from your bed before you go to sleep. And if you can, put some restrictions in place so your phone turns off at night. That way you won’t even have the option of using your phone.

Otmar O.
I’ve been using my phone for several years now. So, I relied on it to much. This time I would recommend just don’t use it when you are in bed. Just organised what you have to do including setting alarms or check your email previously. So, you can not only go to bed and have a proper rest but also, release every worry that you might have about what to do on the next day. Do this every day so you’ll being respecting your sleeping habits and you will notice the difference in your body and mind.

Eugene E.
U can stop using phone in bed by keeping ut somewhere far like example
Outside the room or in ur study table if u have alarm

Madison O.
If you want to lose the habit of staying on your phone during the night, I suggest putting your phone farther away from you to charge it at night while you sleep. Also, definitely pick up a book and read that at night to help you get tired faster.

Erin Q.
For me, I have my phone settings so that only 1 or 2 apps are available after a certain time. That way, I am not watching a series on Netflix that I just have to see what happens next, or on YouTube watching videos, or any app that will keep my brain from settling down. I also have my DO NOT DISTURB on from say 10:30 pm until 8 or 9 am. That way I can’t see any calls, texts, or notifications going off all hours of the night. I only have my “Favorites “ able to contact me (kids, parents, people who may need to get ahold of me if there is an emergency). I only have my sleeping & meditation apps on at night (or this app in case I didn’t get to check off something during my day).
They say any electronics like TV or phone should not be in your bedroom. Your body will program itself to know it’s time for bed. Easier said than done when ur office is in ur room, but I turn everything off & have it put away in a space not to clutter my room.
Cell phones are pretty much a must have… a lot of people don’t have home phones to save on bills. I decided to get one with my internet plan in case of emergency.
But my biggest suggestion is to use your Settings & Turn off applications that you know will keep you up, and set Do Not Disturb at night.

Daniel P.
Well before sleeping or after, if after you can write a list the night before for the things you’d want to accomplish the next day. Then you’ll tell yourself you’ll use your phone after you’ve done one of the things on the list and if it’s before you sleep it’s really self discipline and consistency so just try develop a habit you do every night before you sleep and try stick to that schedule. It won’t be easy though so don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t get it the first time just hope to do better the next day. I hope this helps✨🤍.

Audrey Y.
Make your bed a sacred space meant only for rest/sleep. Anything else you are used to doing in your bed, find a new place to do it. I set up a cushion area/ reading nook in a corner of my room that I use to read and be on my phone instead of my bed. This has made it easier for me to sleep and moreover less reliant on my phone. Good luck!