How do I speed up my ability to fall asleep?

Sally A.
I always sleep on warm beverages (a warm glass of milk or a weak tea) a colder room dimmed lights or even dark best not pitch black because it can make you feel the void and fear it. You can always try white noise from rain noises or ASMR videos even, one wave sounds too (like the app gives in the tap of meditate or ambiences too)
Helen Z.
First off, I recommend not consuming caffeine after 5pm. I’m very sensitive to caffeine. Then, about an hour before I’m ready to go to bed, I heat water for tea (chamomile works really well for me) and let the tea steep while I take a shower. When I’m done with my shower I’ll sip on my tea while I work on my night skin care routine. When I finish my tea I brush my teeth and get my room ready. I’ve been playing sleep meditation music which has been very soothing as I can’t sleep without white noise. I try to get my room as dark as I can and turn on my fan. I’ll focus on my breathing as I like to meditate that way and I usually fall asleep quickly. If I can’t sleep, I recommend reading a chapter in a book or journaling until you’re ready to fall asleep! Also try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
Lisa Q.
Make yourself busy during the day, it will make you tired. I used to spend my day sitting on my bed scrolling through my phone and I always struggled to fall asleep at night which led me to mess up my sleep schedule, now that I go to school, study & play the violin I sleep as soon as I put my head on the pillow. Hope this helped :))
Maggie Z.
Honestly, I think personally, put that stupid phone down. That light is just awful. If you mind can relax and get away from light and know that ‘oh it’s time to go to bed and settled down’. Once that phone is away make sure you are ready for bed, like face washed, brushed teeth, no bra, and in pjs. Now that ur ready and so is ur brain. Settle down by reading and praying (if religious). Just do something in ur bed to settle down ur brain and get it ready for bed. It might be journaling too. Make sure ur room is dark, cool, and quiet. Which will also train ur brain that it’s time for bed.
Goodnight, sleepy time is very important. Good luck!
Debra Z.
I have struggled with insomnia for years. Now I take a prescription med for sleep that helps, but even more so I put on a TV show that I've seen every episode but still like to watch. I get cozy, watch for about 20 min, and pass out asleep.
Oops, sorry. I thought LOL, you were gonna tell me..I start with a long prayer written by someone else, & by the time I get to TRESPASSES, I've been unplugged lights out , & 😴