How do I get a good night sleep if I’m stressed?

Vesy X.
Try meditation, particularly body scan to see where your body is more tens because of the stress. Sometimes deep and long breathing can do wonders.
Devon F.
When I'm having trouble sleeping BC of stress in particular, I find that I crave not only to relax, but specifically the feeling of being comforted. Being read to triggers my inner child, so I find an adult bed time story on Spotify, and listen to it until I fall asleep.
Delmano F.
If i feel stressed and wanna have a good sleep I listen to Quran. Quran is my religious book and it is very very relaxing it make yoy feel comfortable , relaxing , calm and peaceful. It removes all the stress and make me grateful. It give a postive change and so that i can sleep most peacefully
Mary W.
I think you can try practicing gratitude, by thinking about and accepting the good things that have happened to us and by reflecting on the goodness we have received all along our lives and by thanking whoever has helped you or made your life beautiful atleast in a small way