How does sleep deprivation affect your health?

Maria E.
Sleep deprivation makes me feel lack of energy and exhausted. I usually try to stay up late to study but the morning after that I will not have enough motivation to keep up with the class. Therefore, I start to lose focus and find it hard to motivate myself.
Paris J.
Sleep deprivation affects my by health by making feel more tired which would drain my energy. By not getting fully 8 hours of sleep it would make my day very bad becuase my mood wouksnt be able to function correctly.
Asma N.
I think it effects my health negatively, when I have sleep deprivation on some nights, I end up sleeping very late around 5 or 6 o’clock, and this in return effects my day negatively, I’m constantly exhausted and sleepy throughout the day, this makes my day less productive and a difficult one.
Carolyn W.
I'm overwhelmed, overweight, overstimulated overstressed, and over not taking care of myself. I have worked 86 hours in the past week with three 18 hour days in a row. Sleep is so welcomed, but when I collapse the sleep is restless and I still wake tired.
Wigbert Z.
Me personally, I was so stressed out I was having memory lapses so much so that I forgot my own name. I wasn’t functioning. I was depressed stressed out moody. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I went to the doctors and underwent many tests including MRI’s and the like because I really couldn’t fathom what was wrong with me. Recently I have been sleeping better but this has really helped me understand why sleep is so important and how to get quality sleep. I have ordered a sleep mask and ear plugs so I’m curious how that will help me even more so. I know if helped me wonderfully before so I’m excited. Right now I’m waking naturally after 6 hours of sleep and I’m Kind of confused about that.
Ben T.
When I don't get enough sleep (which is often) I find my mental faculties are at a disadvantage. It takes me longer to understand concepts, to make decisions, etc.. Additionally, I often get stomach cramps or nausea when I lose sleep. I also find it harder to eat and drink water, and my general motivation and productivity declines drastically.
Jess N.
It set most things into a tailspin. I wasn’t able to focus so I would chug coffee which would trigger my anxiety and I wouldn’t be able to focus more which eventually led to depressive episodes where I wasn’t able to get out of bed. All the while trying to comfort myself with junk food because I ‘deserved it’ after such a hard day when it was all self inflicted.
Meriden U.
In my opinion it helps me so so so much when I have enough sleep because I have more energy to do things with my family and so much more!
Srishty X.
It makes it hard for me to focus on my work or to concentrate when i study. If i eat healthy, then it helps at least to do some physical task for the day but mental tasks are hard. I have experienced the worst sleep deprivation of 48 hours once. Slept like 11 hours after that, still body was lethargic.