What is your nighttime ritual before falling asleep?

Wesley U.
Take medicine, then get my ear buds and put music in my ears, then turn off lights and then lay down and relax until I fall asleep
Marissa A.
1.) Drink a Full Glass of water with magnesium (helps you relax and prepare your body and mind for sleep)
2.) Take shower (if you need to)
3.) Skincare routine
4.) Floss and brush teeth
5.) Write down 3 Good things that happened that day / things you’re grateful for
Tessa P.
write down what I have to do tomorrow, prepare water for tomorrow, practice 10 min. of relaxing yoga (sometimes), brush my theets, take valerian pills, drink a a tee while reading a book, set the alarm for the next day, fall asleep, dream…
Hendrike E.
Get a glass of water for the morning; check + Kiss the kids; drink tea; close down Internet; check this app; Read half hour; prayer; lights off; sleep
Алина Русалеева N.
I'm still figuring out what works. I noticed that when I plan a lot of things into the evening ritual, I become almost stressed out,because I feel the need to accomplish everything and do it kinda fast. Right now I'm trying out reading for 30 mins before bed. sometimes it works and I become sleepy, and sometimes become so interested with the story, that I don't want to put it down
Josefine U.
get water, wash my face, brush my teeth, clean my room, check im all good for my hw of the day, make sure anything due is turned in, and then lay in bed watching whatever
Daouane Z.
Usually I say a prayer with my family, then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and clean my face. Then if I need to I take some of my medicine and then change into my pajamas. Then after that I go to my bedroom and turn off all the lights and lay in my bed meditating until I fall asleep.
Clara N.
I sum up my last day, write the daybook, check my habbits, read a good book and do a little affirmation just before i sleep. Greetings:)
Kerstgen O.
An hour before my bedtime, I staet my wind down by washing my face, brushing my teeth, getting two waters, taking my night time medication and reading or lusten to music to unwind. No TV 30 min at least before bed. I start this about 10:30pm
Julian J.
Meditation fo 10mins, aftr tht I clean my room n make it darker before I go to sleep. Take my medicines. Read something or watch motivation video fo 15mins on youtube n then I go to sleep till 10.30pm
Katherine C.
Typically I start getting ready for bed about a half hour before I physically get in bed. I tidy up the house so that I start with a clean slate in the morning and then I head in to my room to start washing up. If I had a sweaty workout I will be sure to rinse off in the shower if I haven’t already. I always wash my face and apply any facial serums, etc. to keep me looking young and fresh 🙂 and then I take care of my feet (brush, floss, mouthwash, retainer). Finally, I hop into bed with my current book of choice (a book for pleasure, never work).
Caroline E.
Turn on some relaxing music, turn down the light, I write down my tasks of the next day, I tidy up, prepare the dress for the day after, put some cream on and go to sleep