What do you do when you cant fall asleep because you are stressed about tomorrow?

Rachel X.
I read a novel where the good guys win. Generally fantasy. Sometimes it works and I fall asleep still reading, sometimes it doesn't and I read way too late but it breaks the worry cycle for me which is what I need most.
Fay Z.
When I’m stressed and I can’t fall asleep I usually take long deep breaths, listen to ocean sounds, count sheep, etc. Basically I do all the stereotypical “help you fall asleep” things because they give me a sense of ritual and allow me to focus all my energy away from the upcoming stressful day.
Samantha S.
The app calm has really good sleep meditations. It also has Bedtime stories, and those help me settle. I tell myself that the best present I can give myself is to be still.
Анастасия Львовская N.
I think about something completely different and more positive. For example, last book I read was very interesting or this recipe I should try for breakfast. Then I can think of something other things that happened and listen to myself. It usually helps to fall asleep or get distracted from bad thoughts.
Amber Z.
I use deep meditation which is an app. They have a lot of sleep stories and meditations. I also drink tea before this and generally try to unwind. Perhaps try reading a book to distract yourself.
Sarah T.
I'd suggest that you try thinking about something else. If you can't, just imagine that at night, when you have to sleep, there's nothing to do about tomorrow and you'll face the situation in the morning. Try breathing slowly, having a warm bevarege or listening to relaxing music.
Manuel W.
Make a tea with no sugar, slowly sip on the tea until you feel the warmth run through your body. Lie down on your back and start to focus on your breathing, in through the nose out through the mouth, then focus on relaxing your muscles working from the head, to you your neck, right through the shoulders, then your chest and upper back, next focusing on relaxing your left arm right through to your finger tips and the repeat with the right arm. Relax your abs and lower backs and then focus on relaxing your hips and pelvis, then you want to lead your upper left thigh and work your worst right down to your toes
Lydia Y.
i normally get out of bed and read or listen to some peaceful music. remember, it's perfectly ok to get out of bed, especially if you're stressed out! don't feel bad to get out of bed and do something relaxing, and no pressure to get back in bed immediately. some relaxing things to do include reading, listening to peaceful sounds, meditating, drinking some herbal tea, journaling, or really anything that just makes you feel at peace.