How do you make yourself sleep really fast without things or people distract you?

Roy T.
This is a question depending on scenario. I'm someone who struggles with insomnia, and there are some tricks that work one day, but not the next. However, these are my suggestions:

1) Calming teas and a tablespoon of pure, raw honey. My personal choice is local honey and Chamomile tea. This helps me the most with winding down and letting me get my thoughts in order.
2) Set a routine that tires you out an hour before you want to sleep. For me that could be reading, watching a show I'm familiar with, drawing, ect. Find those things that always help soothe you and pull yourself together.
3) If your thoughts are a mess, pause, and take time to organize and lay them out before bed. One of my worse fears is forgetting something like an alarm or a chore, so be sure to go through a mental, verbal, or even physical checklist to help.
Lastly, remind yourself to breathe. No, I'm serious. Breathing a steady, slow, and deep pace can trick your mind into being more tired than you actually are, and when you're laying in bed and ready to sleep, even your breathing and let your mind go blank.

But this is what's helped me, it may not work the same for you and that's okay.

Sattu F.
By making myself reaallyyyy tired throughout the day! And waking up early~ you can have a 30min-1hr nap before 4pm (or it will hamper ur night sleep) and do alot of activities be it studying or sports or wtvr! And make ur body tired!
Andrea E.
apparently white noise knocks me out really fast, as a person with insomnia I usually take a long time to fall asleep, but the static makes my brain go fuzzy and I honestly think it just makes me disassociate so hard I cease to be concious.
Sigfried S.
I always have a youtube video on as background noise, it helps me ground myself and calm down. It makes the anxious thoughts in my head rest so that I can too rest.
Janire N.
I like to think in pleasant things, like being in a hot shower, or with your crush, or for example in a little house near a forest
Herta Z.
It's naturally very hard to go to sleep without any distractions .but jus remember the one good deed or one good compliment or one work which improved urself being what you were yesterday!.I understand at times bad days are meant to be …it's okay not to be okay.until it is really not okay.take time to feel good in urself.