what should I do if I wake naturally after 6 hours? I long for more sleep but am awake. I’m following the steps and my sleep mask and ear plugs are coming in tomorrow so I’m hoping that makes a difference.

Hadeel Q.
If you’re still really sleepy, then I think you should try going back to sleep. If you can’t then maybe get up and walk around a bit and then try sleeping? I wish I could be more helpful as I’m not sure what the right answer to that is. I hope the sleeping mask helps
L Andro N.
Maybe your body prefers 6 hours of sleep and not any less or any more.

Another thing u could try is having a warm (not hot) shower at least 2 hours before your normal bed time. This may help you get to sleep quicker making ure total sleep time at lest 7.5hrs instead of 6hrs.

Hope this helps 🙂
Good luck

Listener N.
If you want more sleep but can’t go back to sleep find the cause that woke you up and if you can’t find the cause you will answer this question am I rested or restlessness and if I’m restless what is the thing that I have been doing or happen that impaired my sleep. Ear plus And blind fold ha sounds like your environment is bossy and has bright light try to adjust you’re environment if that doesn’t work examine the people that you live with for they may be the cause of your restlessness. If you can’t do nothing about the environment and people you. Live for any reason you have to be tough and tune the disturbances out that’s it