How Can I Improve My Sleep?

Flavie O.
This app really improved my sleep. Having a dark room helps surprisingly well. If you all ready have this try to before sleep not use your phone. I know it's hard but as a 13yr old addicted to my phone so if I did it so can you.
Tobias C.
Hi! If you want to improve your sleep, I have some tips!

1. Take a shower at least 30 min before you get in bed. (is best if you start hot-ish then turn the water colder as you go untill you are in a temperature that is really chilly but ok)

2. Turn off ALL lights that you can see in your room. (I wasn't sure about this at first, I slept with a light on but it saved my sleep)

3. Make sure you're cool. (temperature wise haha) If your room us sweltering or there is no possible solution, use ice packs, they work wonders!

4. Create a ritual. If you go to bed at the same time, drink the same thing (water, tea), listen to the same sounds (I like water sounds, there are plenty on apple music and Spotify, you can even find some on fabulous), Meditate, do yoga, a quick work out, take a shower, stretch… (I could go on and on) each night, you will feel more relaxed. Pick a few of my ideas or create your own and make a ritual.

5. Sleep! If you don't close your eyes and relax your body, you will never fall asleep!

Hope this helped, you are awesome!

S Rgio Z.
You can use a sleep mask whenever you are sleeping, turn off the lights and at least put on a dim light or a difuser besides you. Turn off your wifi and mobile data so they doesn't affect your brain. You can wear some socks and cuddle in your blanket. Be as comfortable as you can. Namaste🍀
Jenn N.
The things that have helped me with sleep—-no napping, no caffeine after 12, it’s too hot to workout outside here but I do take the dogs out a few times a day in the sun and play fetch, I try to eat by 6 pm—plenty of time to digest by bedtime, exercise everyday