Can I train myself to need less sleep?

Akash E.
You should not train yourself for it. Because The brain needs the sleep. You can train yourself not to be lazy but you shouldn't train yourself to give less sleep to your brain.
Skye U.
I hope so because that would come in handy. I wouldn’t feel so fatigued and unmotivated. I think I could get more things done before I overthink myself into not even trying. I tend to get the energy and drive to do something but then don’t have the time.
Alexia Z.
Yes. I started to go to sleep at 11pm. It was veeery hard at that moment. I was tired in the morning but I wanted to see how far can I go. So now, I am getting to bed at 11pm every night and I wake up at 7 in the morning. My next goal is to wake up earlier.
Hope I helped you ❤️
Magda E.
Yes. At first you will be really tired but as time goes by you will get used to it and be energetic. But I don't really suggest you to do it. People need at least 7 hours
Tabitha Z.
Realistically speaking, your body needs more sleep, not less, as you get older. This is the only time your body has “down time” to heal and recharge itself. As a former 3rd shift worker, I can tell you that that shift isn’t worth the extra pay, if you are using overtime money at the doctors office and pharmacy. Just focus on getting at least 6 hours of sleep at night, anything less and you will be so draggy and sleepy tomorrow at work.
Kelly O.
You can condition yourself to survive on less sleep. Studies however suggest that this is not healthy.
It is believed to increase the likelihood of serious health issues including but not limited to; Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and memory loss. The more immediate impact is on concentration, energy and irritability. I have insomnia so I may have had this info given to me by all of my doctors at some point. 😅