What’s the most important sleep ritual you have to get your mind to relax?

Am Ndio C.
All electronics off, as cold and dark as possible. My phone has a sleep app that measures my sleep and plays ocean sounds for 30 minutes while falling asleep. It’s so engrained in my head that as soon as I hear those sounds, I fall asleep.
El I Y.
I imagine myself as a flower cultivator in Netherlands . But before that I do some skin care. I hydrate myself. I’m learning to let go what hurts me the most.
Laney S.
I use lavender essential oil spray on my pillow before I settle in for the night. When I smell it , my mind knows it’s time to unwind and settle down.
Rachael O.
I typically watch a show with the lights of and the brightness all the way down, then I'll switch to
just listening to music in the the dark laying down and staring at the ceiling till i fall asleep
Nellie T.
Closing my eyes and counting either to sixty multiple times or just counting until I fall asleep the repetition relaxes me and it helps me to keep my eyes closed my my mind and body very still which helps me to fall asleep quicker
Adriana C.
I usually listen alpha and beta waves music it relax my brain after a crazy day at work. Sometimes I read about half a hour before going to bed.