What is the best way to overcome that groggy feeling to be able to get up and get going at the same time everyday even if you had a late or restless night?

Kasper C.
I have a few Playlists I use to ease myself into the day, some lo-fi, slow edm, instrumentals and some reggae i hope this helps you on your journey
Alfred C.
I always go straight to the gym when I wake up so I try to just focus on how good I’ll feel after I’m done working out. Just get through the door and the rest is sometimes the best part of my day. So I’d say if it’s not the gym, find something that makes you excited to be up earlier than normal.
Kyle P.
I drink a cold water with lemon essential oil mixed in. I use a yeti to keep it cold over night. The cold helps to wake your body up because it’s happening first thing when I wake up in the morning. The water going through your digestive tract actually helps promote many of your organs to get kickstarted into action, which makes waking up much easier. It also helps me to drink that cold water and then pretty much immediately get into a cold shower. The cold shower becomes refreshing once you get used to it and has several benefits. Obviously, the coldness is a shock to your system and wakes you up right away. The other main benefit is that it will raise your core temperature to combat the cold. This in turn causes your body to naturally relax once you get out of the shower. Your body wants to conserve energy so your blood pressure and cardiovascular system drop/slow down, which carries a nice peaceful intro into the rest of your day. Short term “pain” for long term gain, if you would.
Ahmed Z.
Put on your mind that today might be the most amazing day in your life.
That will get you excited enough to energies the start of your day.
Am I right?
Cassandra N.
Sit up. Drink water. Shower. Brush your teeth. Get ready for the day. Eat a high protein breakfast. And accomplish one task. Then the rest is a cake walk.
Mitali Q.
Jumping in to the shower helps because you change your state of being in warm blanket or sweaty bed. The environment changes the body and maybe some hormones get released that are increasing your state of flow
El Onore P.
Start off with a calm quiet alarm and a nice drink then wash your face with a towel to give you a good start to the daub
Bonnie E.
It helps to set your alarm for the same time each day, even on the weekends. Getting your body into a rhythm or schedule is vital. Once your feet hit the floor, hydrate! Drink a glass of water; have it beside your bed. Then, breakfast full of protein and a quick exercise will help build energy and get you ready for your day!
Jordan N.
I'm also absolutely terrible at this! But, I prioritise sleep without a doubt. If I don't get enough sleep, I know I'm not as good as if I got up early to complete my morning routine.
Sometimes I do force myself, but I always know I'll be better in the long run if I get enough sleep.
Otherwise you're in sleep debt!
I.e. you're tired for the day, and then don't get enough sleep to make up for last night's bad sleep, and it's a vicious cycle! Do what your body needs you to do
Vanessa J.
Figure out your optimum amount of sleep. Go to bed early enough to get your required sleep. Make a bedtime routine to trigger you to lay down. Might want to get checked for apnea, it can make you tired.
Lucy C.
My best advice is to lay out everything you need for the morning so that you don't have an excuse to be lazy. For example, if I plan an early morning run and I'm not feeling it the night before, I'll lay out my clothes and running shoes and get dressed first thing when I wake up. That has been my tried and true. Best of luck to you!
Saiba X.
What I do is just get up straight away. Now that may sound weird. But as soon as you wake up, *jump* legit jump out of bed. That’ll give you a bit of adrenaline. And soon as your legs hit the floor, drink 2 glasses of water. And thats it!
Clara F.
idk if this helps but i would always get a burst of energy if i slept in a little bit later, not giving myself a lot of time to get ready before i had to leave. this adrenaline rush would push me to get ready faster, and most times i did this i ended up being early.
Tracey J.
Focus on the reason you are doing this. Every morning I wake up and tell myself I am doing this for me. You might be doing this for another reason.