How can I fall asleep quicker because it tends to take me a while, always get off devices an hour prior to going to bed and i make my bedroom a very calming place but i still cant sleep?!

Outi F.
I struggle with the same problem, and the only solution i’ve found so far is taking a melatonin supplement every night before bed. It’s so nice and less stressful to go to bed with knowing that you will fall into sleep with ease, but I don’t want to use sleeping medication.
Rico N.
In addition to what you are doing go to bed at the same time every night. Get up at the same time every morning. Do an evening gratitude journal and listen to some sleep meditations. There are apps that offer brainwaves. Utilize those and there is an EMDR App for sleep. See an EMDR Clinician first to make sure it’s appropriate for you and take advantage of all the sleep stories out there. Diffuse Lavendar and chamomile with a touch of sweet orange. And let your dog sleep near.
Dina E.
This may seem weird but make when lying I'm bed make up HAPPY scenarios in you head. It could be anything. It could even be previous POSITIVE dreams that you have had before if you can remember them. It used to take me ages to fall asleep but since I have doing this I fall asleep almost instantly. Also this may seem even weirder but pretend that you can talk to people through your mind. Have fake conversation with them whilst trying to get to sleep. This seems to work for me and I hope it works for you too.
Cynthia N.
Have you tried a sleep meditation? Or sleep hypnosis. I've got black out curtains which help. Also a sleep mask can work too. Concentrate on your breath n focusing on my breath will relax me and help me go to sleep also. Best of luck