How do you stay asleep at night. I always find myself waking up a few times in the night and I wake up exhausted

Andrea Z.
I can't always stay asleep through the night. I keep eat pigs by the bed if noises wake me up and if I'm riding and turning for too long and starting to get frustrated I read a book. If I'm really prepared I'll take melatonin to kick start my sleepiness am hour before getting ready for bed as a preventative measure. Also when I eat too late at night that will keep me up through the night. Also have water by the bed if you wake up thirsty. I also keep Chapstick and tissues breviary if I need them I don't have to get up and disrupt my sleep too much and can go back to sleep quickly when that particular need is met.
Maria F.
I actually only recently got my sleeping habits somewhat right. The key for me was actually going to bed/waking up roughly around the same time (if possible it should always be the same but +/- 1h is fine as well). Try doing that as often as possible, if you can't on 1-2 days a week it shouldn't matter too much.

Important is also a nice and cool room – maybe try sleeping with the window open if it's not too loud outside. Another idea would be to quit eating & drinking about 2h before bed time so you aren't stuffed and don't have to use the toilet as often.
If this still doesn't help it maybe that your body isn't tired enough from the day – so do some light exercise (not right before sleep), go on a walk or try learning something new/exercise your brain.

Good luck!

Andy O.
Unlucky to sleep through the night. If it's not environment factors then I would suggest making sure you have no naps during the day and and try to find time to exercise.
Sarah E.
I generally sleep ok but at the moment I have been waking up more and having nightmares. I have cut down on alcohol and am having a bath in the evenings which is helping me look after myself and relax more. I always read a proper book for half an hour before bed too and end my day with some gratitude and achievements. They are calming my mind which helps me sleep.