If you are in bed, on your phone trying to sleep, what is the best way to avoid using your phone so you get a better sleep?

Cinthya N.
Keep the phone away from you when you sleep, either at the other end of the room or in any other room except the bedroom.

Amlet C.
Try to switch of all network connections. Istead read books that you love. Try not to drink water just before you sleep. Always follow a routine so later on when you do the same your brain understands that you are preparing to go to sleep. Also If you wake up early you sleep 😴 fast.

Maddie U.
Maybe try to charge your phone in another room this will help as when I comes time to sleep you will put your phone on charge and will not be tempted. If you are unable to sleep I would recommend reading a book. Normally people use the excuse that they need it for an alarm. This can be answered by putting the phone across the room to charge or use of an alarm clock instead

Julie M.
Try adjusting your screen brightness to as low as possible, turn on the blue light filter if you can. Set the controls on your phone to not be able to view certain apps that are a distraction, like FB, Instagram, YouTube, ECT. Use a bed time app like this to listen to soothing music or a bed time story. Most phones will let you play on a timer, turn something calming on and set it for, let's say 15 minutes, fall asleep before it goes off! Lastly, try to put your phone down all together! For example, plug your phone in across the room to charge, while you charge too! Not having your phone with in arms reach will help you disconnect!

Aileen O.
I put my phone on the charger and have do no disturb set from 10pm to 5am so no texts or social media notifications come through unless it's an emergency from one of my starred contacts (family members)