How do I stop tossing and turning?

Gaily Y.
Try reflecting and going through all the things that happened in your day, from start to finish. I always fall asleep before I get through the day's events in my mind.
Mikkel B.
i don’t get tossing but turning as in like you try to do something and end up not ? to get
enough energy to move and get going wash ur face right when you wake up , make your bed ,be ORGANIZED,being organized is just an accomplishment showing how you got up and started to clean ,reorganize stuff and don’t be thinking about the past or future think in the present..good luck !!
Samantha J.
If you’re tossing and turning there is something on your mind. It’s likely something you don’t want to do or are avoiding for other reasons. Get up, write down the action or thoughts and have a drink or go for a walk to clear your head. Then try to sleep again.