How do you set up your evening routine? And what does it entail?

Hugh O.
I start by tidying up and then doing my self care I then meditate and listen to the soothing sound on tje fabulous app this has helped me get back into routine after the long summer thank you for you question and please don't be afraid to send any more I'm am happy to answer
Habacuc F.
I just start reading a book with some relaxing music in the background. Then I start going to bed and I put on my meditation music.
Fvirywcrld N.
My routine in Fabulous starts from self care for 10 min, reading for 30 min, disconnect and unplug, and ends with darker, quieter, cooler. In self care, I brush my teeth, wash my face, put on serums, and massage my face with a gua sha. For reading, I sit in bed while reading a book. I then close my book and turn off my phone and go to sleep
Nickisha Y.
I setup an evening routine the day before or the morning of. I typically go for a walk after work, go home and relax, and go for joy rides.