Any specific noise or sounds that help you sleep?

Lex M.
I like white noise. If you have an Amazon Alexa, day “Alexa play sleep and relaxation sounds” and she will bring you to a free app already downloaded on your Alexa! I hope you enjoy 😊 xx
Jennifer N.
Yes! I love the sound of rain, especially steady hard rain on a tin roof, or car roof, there are many videos on YouTube and even apps. I also like using white noise! There’s also brown noise and pink noise. Rain has always co forged me though and helped me sleep.
Darlene O.
I like relaxing sounds like fire cracking, lullabies, etc
And I also think through the day before sleep because it makes me grateful of what I have and also makes me sleepy.
Alyssa F.
Personally, I keep a box fan on and a funny show on when I’m asleep. (This is embarrassing) I am afraid of the dark, so this is just my preference to have a lot of noise going on.
Paula N.
I am a very light sleeper. I need absolute quiet. Noise or soft music or even nature sounds that are repetitive can be distracting and annoying.
Michelle X.
I love listening to the rain and thunder. It relaxes me. I also like to listen ti Tibetan music, shamanic drums, chimes and crystal bowls as well. It depends on what mood I'm in as to which sound I go to to help relax me and put my in a gentle mood for sleep.