How do I create an environment that benefits my sleep?

Ayesha W.
Ok first u have to take a bath with luke warm water ,moisturize your body with any oatmeal body product,drink a cup of cabbage tea or warm water with honey ,read any book 20-25 min and go to sleep these all habits will help u to sleep
Emily G.
darkness, or if you are like me
and can’t sleep without noise i find that binaural beats or affirmations (sleep hypnosis) is really good. also make sure it’s cool and not too hot in your bedroom, maybe read before putting the sleep hypnosis videos on 🙂
Everett X.
Hm, I’d start with putting away all electronics. Maybe in another room? If you can try dimming your lights so it’s a bit darker. Have a book maybe so you can read instead of using social media.
Ida P.
Dark room is my preferred atmosphere. The smell impacts much more than people think so some essential oils really help. A national sleep aid helps a lot too like chamomile or kava tea.
Jessica T.
A dark clean space with the natural air if you're ready for it. If it's too cold on winter, put some heat in the bed 20mins-60mins before sleep so you can relax your muscles before drifting off. Take the tech out of the room except for the alarm
Stefanie T.
I put my cel in airplane mode without WiFi. That is a big step haha. I put the lights very low and read a book that I have next to bed. In the moment I feel some sign that I’m getting sleepy, I left the book and close me eyes.
If it’s taking time to fall asleep, I start (lay in my bed with me eyes close) to thanks for things that happened during the day or things or people that I have. Or breath and focus on that until I fall sleep.
P.S: sorry my english, I hope you understood all.