What do you do for your sleep routine? How long does it take? Can you feel the difference on days that you don’t follow your regular sleep routine?

Herman E.
I normally start my sleep routine with a full skin care regime that makes my skin feel soft more fresh when I wake up this can take from 15 to 30 mins but on nights that I don’t do this wake up feeling less confident in myself right from when I wake up
Audrey Z.
Yes, I feel the difference when I set my sleep routine to a certain time I realize I wake up refreshed no groggy when don't follow through I feel a heavy burden as if I've slept a rock feeling irritable. My sleep routine is easy, I listened to one of their songs and doze right off.
Gottlob Q.
For my sleep routine, I start by answering all my urgent messages on my phone and then putting it away by 11pm. After, I do my facial routine and brush my teeth while listening to an audio book or some acoustic music. Then I will read for around 30 minutes or until I’m sleepy. I finish off with closing my doors and windows so there’s no sound. It all takes around an hour and I feel thoroughly relaxed at the end. Before, my mind would be racing before bed but now I close my eyes and open them 8 hours later.
Ma Lyne Q.
I like to have everything cleaned up, take a shower and dress into cozy pjs. If Im not very sleepy, I'll make myself some tea and read a book or do something else. If I'm tired I'll go straight to bed and make a mental to do list for the next day (it always makes me fall asleep).
Emily W.
Hello! I usually get a cup of tea and Andy I read a book or something of that nature. I also love having my defuser on when I’m reading. I can feel the difference when I don’t go to bed on my usual time but other then that, not really.😄
The Carabelli21 N.
Yes the days I don't follow the rituals in the evening and overrule my sleep hygiene there is a drastic difference in the Y sleep scores and how I feel when I wake up.
Helma J.
I use my mobile wind down system for sleep. I sleep almost 6 to 7 hours. When I don't follow my sleep routine those day I can't do my daily work properly.
Mildred U.
I usually take a shower, drink some lavender tea, take care of my skin and then go to sleep after reading, when I don't follow my routine I use to sleep late or having a headache when I wake up due to lack of rest, but this all have something to do with the fact I have anxiety
Lex M.
I usually start by drinking water as I can hydrate for a good nights sleep 🌙. I then will do a 10 minute tidy up of my room and just put everything away and clean my bathroom quickly. After that I turn off my main light and put my bedside light on and adjust the temperature in my room. I’ll put my Apple Watch, Phone, AirPods and any other gadget I have ready for the next day. I have to put all three in charge as I use them in the morning for my workout and stretching. I’ll then clean my teeth and wash my face and anything else I need to do in my bathroom before hopping into bed. This all takes around 30 minutes which is plenty of time to do everything at a slow relaxed pace. When I don’t do my sleep routine a feel like I am missing something and it really doesn’t feel good.

Good Luck! 💕

Lainey G.
After dance I pick up my space and go directly to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and take out my contacts. Then I go upstairs and change into comfy pajamas. Then I turn out the light and fall asleep.
Michelle X.
My sleep routine I make a cup of chamomile tea. Then I use an app called DayOne to journal my thoughts about the day or sometimes a brain dump. Everything I’m thinking about. The I shut down all devices and take a shower, brush my teeth. I lay down pray and sleep. It’s been working great. Takes about 30 minutes. I used to get only about 3 hours of sleep a night. There were times I’d be in bed early but don’t sleep because of my thoughts. Now I’m sleeping 9 hours. There are nights I don’t have tea or not shower but at a minimum I always journal and pray. Since I’m using an app for journaling I do it at least 30 minutes before bed
Cheyenne Q.
My sleep routine consists of my skin care, brushing my teeth, +/- my hair care, laying out my clothes for the next day, grabbing water for the morning and meditating. It takes about 20-30 minutes in total. I can absolutely feel the difference. My anxiety is massively reduced, allowing me to go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. My insomnia has benefited amazingly from a structured routine. In the mornings I am less stressed, less rushed and feel better. I’m more inclined to take care of myself in the morning if I dedicated time and effort to self care the night before.
Th Odore O.
I have been working on a sleep routine for about a month now. I suffer from nightmares and I’ve found that easing myself into relaxation before I’m really ready for bed helps me stay asleep longer and feel rested at night. Still waiting on fewer nightmares but I’m positive it will follow if I keep this up
Raymond W.
I usually start one hour before with brushing my teeth, making a to do list for the next day, practice Gratitude and Meditate… i still dont notice any differences though
Kate W.
I shut off lights and crawl into bed a half an hour before it's my bed time that I have set for myself. This way, I end up falling asleep at either the right time or before it. Even if I have other projects going on, I know that if I didn't finish it that day, I will the next morning after a break. I go to bed and wake up at the same time every day so my body gets used to a schedule. It usually takes a half an hour for me to fall asleep after getting into bed, so doing so a half an hour before I should be asleep allows me to get the right amount of rest each night. I can definitely tell that I'm more tired on days after I don't follow my routine, because that means that I probably didn't get the right amount of sleep.
Cassie N.
I take all my medication and vitamins. I have some medication that helps me fall asleep. I task out what my next day will look like. I journal. Then I read while I have a soothing sound play in the background. I don’t watch tv or play on my phone. It helps when I’m able to pet my dog as well to help me relax. Sometimes I do meditation for sleep. This can take me about an hour. If I don’t follow my routine I tend to stay up later and fiddle around on my phone. I definitely feel it the next day. Sleep is so important.
Jessica T.
My sleep routine is very simple, I get ready for bed by brushing my teeth and washing my face and then watching something on my phone in bed before going to sleep. It takes around 1 hour and I cant feel a difference when I dont follow my sleep routine
Stephane Y.
I eat a snack while I watch a movie with my boyfriend/fiance Stanley and his mom Linda.
I take care of all of the pet care areas.
Then I brush my teeth and I pick out my hair, take care of my personal care needs and then I put my pjs on and then I go to bed.