How do I stop crawling back into bed in the mornings?

K Te Z.
You don't. Try to recognize you are human and need some time to yourself. Be forgiving. Turn on the heater before you need to be up, so you can wait for the house to heat in bed. Have warm clothing beside the bed to get dressed in. Make sure you had a full night sleep. Plan something fun in the morning that you can look forward to doing. Make being in bed productive by doing some actual work under the blankets. Do a stretch routine in bed to fully wake yourself up. Make the bed after you get out or rip the sheets off entirely so the heat leaves the bed. You can even use an ice pack if you are feeling desperate. Who wants to go back to a cold bed?
Kelsey N.
Crawling back into bed is totally my M.O. too, so I feel that. Here is what I did. I bought an alarm clock off amazon that has a light function so that it lights up my room before waking me and as the alarm goes off. Light is a trigger to your body to get up and makes your body start going through processes to wake up (temperature changes, lighter sleep phases, etc). NEXT. I bought caffeine pills (also off amazon) that have 100g of caffeine and 200g of L-theanine. I put a pill right next to my water bottle and alarm clock on the far end of my bedroom. I swallow it with my water once my alarm goes off, that way even if I snooze and crawl back into bed I dont do it too long before the caffeine kicks in and I have more energy to fight the sleepiness. I also snooze my alarm once (hey no system is perfect), but I made a rule that before I do I have to open the blinds and turn off the fan–this makes my sleeping environment better for waking up–again getting at temperature changes (the fan) and light changes (the blinds) both of which are proven to help get you up. Past that, getting enough sleep helps a lot. Hopefully a few of these ideas work for you! Keep fighting the good fight!