How can I decipher dreams and use the information I get from them in real life?

Dwayne P.
I think dreams and reality are so closely linked – there are many sources, both online and in books, to help you decipher what a dream might mean. There are many different interpretations, and I find that after I've had a significant dream, the meaning will link in some way to a real life situation – use what you interpret, and understand this is your brain showing you a possible path.
Roselaine E.
Interesting question to decipher dream uh I not sure myself on how to do it but let me offer some info that I learn trying to decipher my own dreams.
The very first thing you need is to write the dream down as soon as you wake up always have a journal or journal app ready for the next day
Then once you wrote your dream and describing it in best detail as possible go to a dream dictionary and look for the clue you wrote and find the match definition.
Lastly apply common sense you’re dream arent real but hint at something real in your life for example I had a dream that I slept on the coach and realease on myself I apply everything I wrote here and realize that my dream was trying to tell me that bad luck will come to hinder my travel plans like a person who take a real dumb on their self their plans for the day are ruined Andy it’s a sign of bad luck. That’s it I hope this help answer your question practice these steps and you will decipher dreams in no time
Janice X.
Hey, I usually get very vivid dreams. Mostly nightmares…but when I remember any fully I usually tell my best friend. She has an uncanny gift of making sense out of weird dreams. I would suggest just saying your dreams out loud to someone else. Even if they can’t help, saying your dreams out loud might help you realize what they could imply.