What do you do when you’re lying in bed and can’t sleep?

Autumn W.
When i lying in bed i try and picture and focus on sheep jumping a fence. As silly as it sounds it really has helped me decompress and calm down to the point where i will doze off into sleep… hope this helped!
Ald Nio Z.
I'm a writer, and so I like to tell myself ongoing stories. You can use characters from other shows or series, but make up your own storyline and enjoy entertaining yourself. I get so distracted by this that I fall asleep in no time, because I'm not pressuring myself to fall asleep faster. It's the anxiety of not being able to fall asleep that keeps me up – telling the stories keeps the anxiety at bay and allows for a relaxed dropping off into sleep.
Angel N.
I get out of bed, sit in my desk and reflect about three important matters that could be keeping my brain alert: What is making me upset? What is making me anxious? What is exciting me? I write everything down in paper and then I go back to bed. It works like magic.