How do you train yourself out of scrolling on your phone before sleep?? Asking for a friend lol

Randolf T.
Put down the phone in a different room…I leave my phone overnight in the bathroom to charge, so no mindless bedtime scrolling!
Hannah J.
I really like listening tousic or even reading a book. It s an efficient way to prevent yourself from spending too much time on the phone
Maria N.
I usually have a timer for my apps, so when the timer runs out, my app closes itself and the timer refreshes again tomorrow.
Poliana N.
Well some ways I know are, you could keep electronics out of your room to help control yourself, or a way I like, especially for those who have an alarm that they need to wake them up for school or work or whatever in the morning, is to when you are done with your phone or device and it’s about an hour to an hour and a half before bedtime to put the phone somewhere out of reach in the morning so that you have to get up to answer the alarm then instead of clicking the snooze button and going back to sleep, you have to get up and turn it off then that way you are awake and won’t be late. If you think of other ideas let me know cuz I struggle with turning my phone as well and I need help. That’s the main reason I came to this app to help me break that habit of staying up late on my phone. In fact I’m on it right now and I’m supposed to be going to sleep. Lol 😂