How should I mentally prepare for sleep?

Nayeli S F.
Try not to use your phone 30min—1hr before going to bed. Try doing a wind down activity to relax your brain like journaling or reading.

Jerry Z.
Controlled deep breathing.
Meditation. Meditation is a centuries-old method of calming the body and the mind. …
Visualization. Visualization is another sleep aid. …
Progressive muscle relaxation. …
Set up a 'worry time' before bed

Colleen Y.
You must first disconnect yourself from your devices. Then try a calming activity like having a warm shower/ bath, meditation, journalling or listening to relaxing music.

Chris Y.
Set a down time. When that time comes turn your phone on DND, turn the lights off, and wind down. It’ll make it easier to get to sleep.

Crystal P.
It's not a big deal just don't use ur phone 20 minutes before u go to sleep or it will make u wakeup tired in the morning and in between those 20 min u can read a book or do a skincare or whatever u want just keep that in ur mind that u don't have to use ur phone 20 min before u drift to sleep

Anna U.
Hello! Well that is a very nice question. Usually to mentally prepare for sleep you should sleep at 9-10 p. m. Because that is when your brain always tells to you "Hey! It is time to sleep! Agreed?" but you just ignore this message and your brain thinks that it's still daylight. So it tells you "Fine. We can stay up a bit longer, I guess.". So if you do not sleep early, you wouldn't be mentally prepared. Second, is that you should get a darker light or even no light. The lighter lights might make your brain think that it's still daylight. So yeah, you should also keep this in mind. Now here are some ideas to be more mentally prepared next night:
1. A warm bubble bath.
2. Reading a book.
3. Stretch.
4. Journal.
5. Just sleep.
Goodbye and have a great night's sleep!

Jana L.
to be truly sure that sleeping is one of the best things that will make you feel good the rrst of the day , you will calmly sleep i guess 🤍

Kuno X.
Internet connection Grapes should meditate on the content of the day with a clear mind, meditate with a contented mind and go to sleep.