What’s the best way to wake yourself from deep comfortable sleep if you mean to be up early but don’t have to?

Manon F.
Well, what I do is I think about what is something productive to do in the dag, like excersizing or cleaning. It makes me excited for the day because I'm so proud of myself at the end of the day, which will also boost your confidence.
Rayyanah X.
I use my alarm of course, but before that I make a promise to myself and get stick to it that I must wake up early and do the things. This way, I achieve comfortable deep sleep but at the same time I stay aware to the alarm sound. I also ask my friend to call me and make sure I'm awake and washing my face too; she has to hear the water sound hehe😁
Elena P.
Sometimes I feel the same way and it's harder for me to get up early specially in this time but what helps me is listen a good song, play some music, pick your favorite song and you are going to see how your body and mind reacts to it.
Samantha Z.
I am a very light sleeper naturally but if I have to wake up early I use my Fitbit as my alarm so the vibration wakes me up as well as an auditory alarm
Jordan C.
Put on energetic music and dance around my room. Set a loud but fun alarm with a funny song, first. Hop in an ice cold shower, it's better than coffee. Maybe go for a run first thing. Get dressed into the morning work out clothes I set out the night before. And make sure to make a nice cup of hot green or black tea! Watch a funny YouTube video, but make sure not to get distracted and watch lots of them. Talk to someone, maybe call a friend who is also an early riser if I can. Take my dog out to use the restroom and run around in the yard with him. Do some fun makeup if I am going out that's good for my skin. Maybe play with my hair and try a new style. Make sure to get a great breakfast with fiber, complex carbs, and protein. Watch a short but interesting segment on TV. One of my favorites is an international spotlight on a Japanese business or writer or individual that's doing great things that they have on my local TV around 6 or 7 o'clock depending on whether it's summer or winter. Read something really interesting or work on learning a new word or a new phrase in a foreign language each morning. Go for a walk outside and watch the sunrise. Do yoga if I am not to sleepy, maybe outside. Sing a song to warm up my voice, maybe a hymn or a worship song to lift my spirits. Write a poem. There are so many options, just figure out what is going to work best each new day! 👍🌟😁
Princess M.
Attach a purposeful and meaning reason to you having to wake up early, that way you will be more motivated to wake up from that comfortable sleep
Val Ria C.
I like to put my phone/alarm on the other side of the room. I also use this great app called Alarmy which makes me walk all the way to take a picture of my kitchen sink on the other side of the house to deactivate the alarm. I then drink some water and jump into my morning routine so I don't go back to bed.
Maxine Q.
Follow your sleep cycles, keep your alarm away from your bed across the room (or in another room if possible), keep water on your bedside table to jolt you awake and finally, set an alarm with a light, progressive song.
Milena N.
Don’t think about the fact of waking up. Just do it. Get up, wash your face, drink your coffee, and do this thinking about how this is good for your health, long time habits, desempenho em atividades
Hannah N.
don’t force yourself to immediately get up, set your alarm for a few minutes before you actually want to get up so u trick ur brain into thinking it got extra sleep but you are still on time
Hartmuth E.
I haven’t tried different ways though, I have always used the Alarm clock but I would say someone to wake me up if I mean to wake up but it’s not that important as I would ignore/stop the alarm clock as it’s not important to wake up.
Brittany Q.
Set multiple alarms to wake up to. If you like coffee or tea, consider putting a small coffee maker in your room that it's set to brew by a certain time. I bought a cork board to have some motivation on there and it's the first thing I'll see in the morning. Don't like cork boards? Get a white board. I also pinned small pictures of family members that I want to be proud of me on there too. Plan something exciting to do in the morning, maybe with your kids or partner or by yourself. The more exciting it is the more motivated you'll feel once you wake up, like x-mas morning.