How do you resist the temptation to check your phone before sleeping?

Van Zyl I.
Turn off volume, made sure before hand alarms are set so don't have to check again and turn it around with a do not disturb from 12.
Eve S.
What I do is put a setting on my phone that not only blocks my home screen, but mutes all my notifications and tells me when I should be sleeping. I set this up an hour before bed so I have time to unwind. During that hour I spend that time reading a book I really like, so during the day I can look forward to seeing what happens next during that time. If you don’t like reading, you can take a bath, drink non-caffeinated tea, or do some relaxing yoga. My advice would be to do something you really like that isn’t that hard so you’re more inclined to look forward to it and do it longer.