what does everyone else do before bed?

Adam I.
I personally close all curtains in the bedroom (turns out the street lights outside actually keep me awake, I haven't realised that for a long time), but I don't make it completely dark, as I want to see/feel the sun in the morning (it helps me wake up). I make myself some tea (I tried fruit teas, green tea, white tea, however the best for me was rooibos), while my tea is getting ready I take a shower… and just sit down with a book for half an hour or so. If any of these steps will help you to get a bit closer to go to bed on time, then you probably saved yourself weeks of frustration. Good luck!
Urte W.
Most people watch Netflix or are on their electronics. They spend time staring into screens and not doing much productivity. There are also people who workout or meditate before bed.
Isabella R.
Take medication and turn off all distractions. Then I start my sleep meditation to shift from awake working to relaxed and sleeping.
Victoria G.
I spend time doing painting projects to try and gain calm and focus. Do have the tv on sometimes for background noise or can have music on,all depends what mood i am in.
When it comes to 22.00 i tend to turn off the tv and make sure i have things ready for the next day,then put relaxing music on and paint until i go to bed at 23.00. It is hard to do as suffer with adhd and insomnia but litttle by little i am gradually getting better with smaller habbits. It can be done it just takes a grear deal of strength courage and determination. It does get tiring,but having said that, really push through and keep on moving forward.
I know if i can do it at rock bottom then you can do it too.
Just tell yourself you have got this and smile.
No matter how down you feel or how hard it is force yourself that smile it honestly will make you feel better, even if it take a few tries before it does.
Remember YOU are ALWAYS incredabaly amazing 🙂.
Stephanie Z.
I do some yoga,have some tea,get out of my phone,and fall asleep to my true crime podcast. I set a sleep timer to my spotify for 20 minutes and it is the only thing that calms the anxiety noise right before bed. I'm really trying to get away from my phone an hour or two before bed. Yoga at night helps keep the night anxiety at bay and my post chemo arthritis. The journaling is difficult due to the wall I've built around my feelings on myself. I have gotten around that by drawing/painting in the journal first to relax my mind. As long as I remember that doing the work IS the prize then it clicks. The goal of self work is realizing that there's always work to be done and you are as fluid as you allow.