What about you ? What helps you sleep ? If I didn’t mention it what is it? Because sometimes I feel like it’s not enough hours that I’m sleeping everyday. Maybe short naps after swimming? Is it bad to have a 20-25 min nap during the day?does it make you not fall asleep at night?

Aurelino C.
I'm a morning person. I can easily fall asleep at night time without any help but when sometimes dinner make me sleepy. I can't sleep at daytime. It takes hours to hour to fall asleep at daytime.
Samantha O.
I depends on when u have these naps and I always find that these naps normally are longer. Turning off devices and having phone on vibrate really helps me out when I sleep xx
Lara J.
To get the best sleep try to go to bed and wake up at consistent times. Start getting ready for bed the same way every night and wake up with the same ritual every morning. Your body will know what to expect with sleep and become more efficient at it
Silje W.
Usually reading a book, or taking a hot shower, having a really busy day or sometimes I resort to taking melatonin. I almost always wake up tired. Very rarely do I wake up feeling rested. I would definitely yes taking nap will make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. I use to take naps and I'd be up all night long. I force myself not to take naps, I still definitely stay up way too late. I am so tired during the day and so awake and active at night. So I usually get my cleaning done and then relax and finally fall asleep.
Isidor F.
I'm cutting out caffeine in the afternoon and do some time's have 40 minutes power nap depending on the day it's self. I read at night now instead of social media and the affects of blue light can also keep you awake
Dallas N.
I sleep better when I start the day out with a good day. For me, that’s my morning regiments of seeking Wisdom(bible) positive affirmations, practicing gratitude by writing in my gratitude journal. Then, eating healthy breakfast exercise, setting goals and being specific to alleviate stress ahead of time. I stay and focus on those goals and completing them. I finish with family time, a healthy dinner, writing in my gratitude journal, setting my goals for the next day, laughing at something funny, releasing good endorphins from a sense of accomplishments. I then shut down and put away technology except the Fitbit to teach sleep. I also invested in a great neck pillow. I sleep in light clothes on a good mattress. Lastly, I honor my goal for bedtime and strive to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily.
B N.
The main thing that helps me sleep is not worrying about how much sleep I’m getting, and just relaxing in that it’s enough to at least lie in bed and do nothing else but relax, and sleep will follow eventually. You can also put on some relaxing music/YouTube video if that helps you.
I love naps! They really keep me going during busier days! A 20-25 minute nap during the afternoon won’t make it harder to fall asleep at night, no worries. Just try not to take the nap after around 6pm.
Tari E.
Try to keep long gap between your short nap time and night sleep. If you do good amount of work everyday your sleep will be naturally deep and soothing.
Sara U.
If you feel sleepy during the day try getting up and doing a few minutes of meditation like breathing techniques. And what helps me sleep at night is sticking to my sleeping plan and schedule and also getting ready to sleep an hour before I aim to by doing my sleeping rituals. Hope this helps you. Have a great day ahead.
Joanna F.
If you feel like you need a nap, 20-25 mins is a perfect amount. I wouldn’t take it late in the day, perhaps around midday after lunch is a good time otherwise you’ll disrupt your sleep.
Lisa G.
I guess a 20 /25 min nap is ok because its not too long and shouldnt effect sleep at night however it could be that once your sleep patern at night is better you may not feel the need so much to nap in the after noon.
Greice A.
I have had the same issue as my anxiety has increased. I found this app and it has changed almost everything for me. Meditation has changed my life!! I don’t take naps during my day longer than 2 hours and I don’t take them after 2. That has helped. A short nap after swimming though should be fine. Something you can do is maybe swim in the late afternoon/early evening. This way it’s apart of your evening routine, closer to bed. Your routine should get you ready for bed. Eating, showering, tidying up, drinking water/taking meds, then meditate for 10-15 minutes. One last thing that helped was not sleeping with my phone in my vicinity! Disconnect and unplug before bed!