What’s been a good go to sleep and wake up routine for you?

Clara W.
My bedtime routine can use work. I usually read drink water, prepare for tomorrow brush my teeth and then hit the bed. My mourning routine I drink water, meditate, read and journal. I try to get a stretch in if I have time.
Muna A.
im struggling from going to sleep but recently i tried drinking camomile before go to bed and disconnect from any device
Marius C.
I brush my teeth every night and stretch just for one minute before I go to bed. That's usually at 10 pm (in my country it's almost the standard time for sleeping) and then automatically wake up at 5:30 am. And exercise.
Hope this helps!

Good luck!

Yuri O.
Usually, it involves forcing myself to wait up early even if I CAN sleep in, because then by that coming evening, I won't want to stay up. After 2-3 days, I push my circadian rhythm back to accommodate the new hours. Setting alarms also helps to keep it up. I need to remind myself that it's late – sometimes I genuinely don't notice. You need to figure out why you're doing it. What's your motivation? Cause waking up early just for the sake of it being "good for you" has never motivated me enough to actually do it. I need to have a goal.
Atika E.
i don't know and im not sure what time i go to sleep
actulally don't do note .if i do note then i do sometimes not everynight
thanks for asking
Valerie P.
For the morning, with the app I schedule time to brush my teeth, shower, weigh myself, drink water, groom, eat breakfast, take vitamins, workout, celebrate and then when I start work I look at the 3 most important things to do for the day. On my morning break at work, I breathe, take time to observe and meditate.

For evenings on the app, I drink water, schedule a 10 minute clean up, meditate, do 10 minutes of gratitude, unplug, floss and brush teeth before bed. I may have forgotten a few evening things, but that's it for the most part.

Claire S.
Download target app , get their discounts add it to the wallet option , go to target go to isle A16 I think on Masonic target , grab eucalyptus and spearmint bag of epsom salt along with bubble bath of same brand . Then you have to scan it with your app and it tells you “online prices “ after this , you go to the cashier show them the app and what you scanned and they will take the online price for your bubble bath AND EPSOM SALT ! after this ,across the Street there is a store. You will on the hill it’s called “Trader Joe’s” , you have to go the tea isle and find “WELL RESTED SWEET DREAMS HERBAL TEA” In blue box ! Go home make it After your bubble bath , along with cinnamon banana sugar free Carey syrup OLD FASHIONED OATS oatmeal and make sure you put 1/3 cup , sometimes I put more if I wanna sleep even longer. Drink that with sweet dreams tea and when you cut up the banana in the oatmeal only put half of it ! Then after you eat and drink tea , wash the dishes. Put in drain dry thing racket thingy , then go change to pajamas after bubble bath and BUY SHEETS FLANNEL MADE IN PORTUGAL FOR 35.99 in Costco ! You will enjoy it ! Then close your eyes switch body to side and sleep. Got it? That’s what u have to do like me