What is the best time to go to bed at night if you suffer from depression and anxiety and have panic attacks?

Liya Z.
I'm not quite sure but giving yourself long hour quality sleep would be great by leaving everything aside cause you matter the most and if you are okay then everything else will be.

Anna F.
If you go through these things, the question isn't what time u should go to bed it's HOW u should go to bed. Always meditate before u go to bed. Make up a story and sleep through it if u have panic attacks. Try breathing techniques. Focus on sleeping and your surroundings when in bed. Any time is fine as long as its dark and cold around u.

Christian C.
There's not right or wrong answer. It depends on your schedule. I try to ensure I'm in bed 9 hours before I have to be awake. So for me this is usually midnight since i wake up around 9-9:30 give or take.

The biggest thing is making sure you get between 7-9 hours of sleep nightly/daily, and that it's a routine. And dont beat yourself up if you cant fall asleep right away. Read a calming book or do a soothing meditation to help your brain defuse.

Danielle W.
Hey, there. I suffer from bipolar depression and anxiety, so I completely understand having a tough time going to sleep at night. I haven’t necessarily found a “best” time to go to bed per se, but I have found a few ways to improve my sleep. I’ve found that meditating before bed can be really helpful in reducing anxiety which helps me fall asleep easier. I’d also suggest journaling before bed as this will help to limit negative or worrying thoughts while trying to sleep. I recommend not taking too long of naps during the day, as this can make insomnia and anxiety worse at night, but do take a short nap if you had a bad night of sleep to help with your mood and anxiety during the day. I’m really sorry you’ve been struggling with sleep. I hope this helps! Just know you’re not alone I’ve been there 💖