How do you get good sleep hygiene and able to sleep throughout the night without waking up.

D Ni Q.
Hi, Ways that I get a good rest at night are by taking a shower before bed witch goes along with hygiene… It makes me refreshed and ready for bed. I also use the bathroom before bed so that way I don't have to get up from my sleep.
Astrid P.
Make sure that you're sleeping in a cool, quiet and dark place and environment. This way your sleep is tend to be less distracting and you also wake up feeling energised. Also make sure you drink loads of water before sleep and use the washroom too. You'll be sleeping like a baby!
Nicole B.
First rule: always pee before bed. Usually it’s not a problem for me throughout the night anyway, but it sure doesn’t hurt to try. I had habits set in place that I only do at night: turn on my fairy lights, journal, set my alarm. I close my blinds to keep my room dark while I’m sleeping. I make sure to wear pajamas that are super comfy— it doesn’t matter how cute they look. I make sure my hair is down. I just have lots of little steps that add up to good sleep.