How do you make sure you always read something before bed time?

Khadiga J.
I don’t read something right before bed time yet I read about 30 minutes equivalent to 20 pages a day according to me at 8 pm or later yet still before bed with quite a lot of time as I might sleep at 12 am. I try to read engaging stories I like to keep motivated to know what will happen next. I don’t think when you read is important, as long as you are reading, whenever you are free read a story. try to remind your by several methods, later it becomes a habit and you will remember spontaneously.
Hope that helped ☺️
Tori S.
I keep the book I’m currently reading by my bed. I use an app to turn off my cellular data an hour before I’d like to be asleep, so the only activity available to me is reading. I like to light a candle, turn on a low level lamp, and read until I feel tired enough to fall asleep!
Rebekah P.
I keep the book right beside the bed. Some books just don’t work. You might get reading one that is just not stimulating at all. It might have faulty logic. I have found this in a lot of fiction books: some of them are hard to follow or the psychology of the characters make zero sense compared to a realistic human. I have to find something that has a story line – but still holds my interest. History books, biographies, memoirs, & poetry works well for me.
Dominique O.
I'm editing a novel at the moment so I read before bed and allow my brain to solve issues overnight. I also have at least 2 or 3 books lying on my bed so I can grab the one I feel most in the mood for a read a couple of pages.
Marten Q.
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