Is there any habits I should be following for getting to sleep quicker?

Laurentino N.
Definitely stop scrolling social media! Its a dark hole.. you lose so much time and the white light from the phone makes you get a harder time trying to sleep! I always put my phone aside my bed with some relaxing music and i try to meditate and think about my day. This helps me to get a clearer mindset and helps me get anxious free (what makes me sleep easier)
Rosa L.
Shower right before bed, tune down lights, put off phone and tablet. Maybe read something randomly (not a novel), hug my husband, turn on hatch white noise.
Mae E.
– DONT put your phone near your bed, that is a really big distraction for most people.
– if any ideas or things you might want to do in the next following day come to your mind, keep a notepad and pencil beside your bed
– try your best to clear any thoughts
– this will help for some people; playing calming music (you can download the app calm) this will help settle your brain
– during the day if you go outside a lot, you are more likely to have a better sleep. The fresh air will help.
– sometimes the reason you can’t fall asleep is because your not in the right space for yourself to relax
I hope this helps!!
Amelia J.
Shut down all screens, notifications, and devices as least a half hour before bed. Give your brain a chance to relax and wind down!