Whenever you can’t fall asleep, what do YOU like to do? I have trouble because I can’t really stay still, or maybe because I don’t like closing my eyes a long time.

Ay A N.
I don’t usually have trouble at falling asleep i can literally sleep at anywhere lol. But when i do, i make myself some tea, watch some series, movies, tv etc. -the screen makes my eyes tired so i start to feel sleepy- i also like to take a good shower and massage my skin with oils it helps me to really relax and fall asleep easier
Valerie U.
I watch videos or listen to an audiobook. If I am really restless I get to a point where I am frustrated about not getting to sleep. Something I have recently learned is to not get frustrated and more worked up, to just accept that sleep isn't coming so easily. Instead I get up and walk about the house or do some light stretching and breathing exercises. Try and slow my thoughts down.