How can I fall asleep faster?

Magnus E.
I think what helps me sleep faster is listening some relaxing music or white noises, put a timer on it for 15 mins and you should fall asleep by that. Also I reduced almost eliminate the consumption of coffee and energy drinks. And maybe a chamomile before going to bed will be really beneficial.
Claire S.
I wish I knew what to tell you I’m sorry I’m having difficulties with this myself , too much on my mind . Maybe ask a physician if you think they know quite enough about insomnia. Have a good day.
Jocelyn O.
There are many different ways to fall asleep faster such as drinking hot tea before bed or taking a hot shower and even turning your phone off and having “me time”
Ella Y.
In a darker, cooler room i can fall asleep faster if I stop using every digital device with screen 2 hours before going to bed. Also drinking hot beverage (tea or hot water would help)
Nicodemos Q.
I usually do a sleep meditation when I'm in my bed and my thoughts still run around. Take 4-5 deep breaths, then focus on the weight of your body. feel it pressing on your mattress. Then, visualize how each part of your body turns off like an electric appliance. I usually visualize from bottom to top. Usually i fall asleep before the neck even turns off 😉
Rohanie P.
Learn how to do Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It's what the military use to be able to fall asleep quickly. It's super simple to learn and do.
Elsie Z.
It's important you take a minute to breathe and put down any devices such as phones. It helps to be in a cool, calm and dark environment.
Crystallienne T.
I usually had an insomia since a started drinking coffee again, so my first advise is to quit coffee and switch to tea. Cold room and dim lighting in your room helps me sleep easily also. I really dont washed my face before going to bed coz it freshens me up. So I washed my face right after arriving from work or after dinner, atleast 2-3hrs before I plan to go to bed. And lastly, disengage to your mobile phone an hour before you plan to sleep. Instead, write something either in your planner or diary or finish some essay and you can read a book or magazine. For me, 5hrs sleep is okay already but better to have 8hrs sleep to rest well and help your body recover the energy spent during your day.