I seem to feel tired a lot of the time, but i get an awful lot of sleep. I notice that i have very vivid dreams. I dont know if anyone can tell me if sleeping more than 9hrs is normal, and what i can do about it?

Nicola W.
It's not the amount of sleep, it's the quality of sleep that you need to aim for, the fact that your having very vivid dreams possibly means you are spending to long in REM sleep and not getting into deep sleep. During deep sleep our bodies heal and revitalise and, believe it or not, burns fat. Try Googling Shallow Sleep Syndrome. I really hope you get it sorted.
Jaylie Z.
Have you tried the sleep course here on Fabulous? I’ve felt that it’s helped me sleep better a lot. I would recommend finding some type of pattern, a switch that tells your brain it’s time for bed. For example, mine is reading, I always read before bed and it helps a lot. Another thing is making sure your getting enough vitamins and drinking water.
Rico N.
It sounds like you are getting non restorative sleep. I would start with a physical exam. Are you fufilled? Are things ok spiritually? Sleeping more than nine hrs can be reflective of illness or pregnancy or being a teenager or depression. Vivid dreams are very common right now due to life circumstances.
Khadiga J.
I watched a video which said that you don’t have to get 8 hours of sleep to feel energized and refreshed but you can train your body to sleep only 6 hours and feel awake and energized
From my own experience sleeping late past 12 am till the next day will still make you feel very tired and inactive especially if you stick your face to a screen but sleeping early and waking up early and just doing your bed dance or sing or practice any activity will make much more difference
I am not saying I am perfect but I try to sleep earl before 12 am and wake up before 12 pm and do some activity and still use my phone
Hope that helped ☺️