How do you comfort yourself having woken up at night because of a nightmare?

Leah O.
I have a few meditations bookmarked (so I dont have to search while stressed or in a panic) – I like to do a short breathing for anxiety meditation, then one of my body scans for sleep. I tend to like yoga nidra types because they help me focus on my body. Usually I'm out before it's over!
Maxim X.
Take relaxing breaths, drink water, use bathroom of necessary & settle into some journaling: document the dream, write 1 minute of thoughts & reflection & 1 minute of gratitude. Take a relaxing breath & body scan meditation if going back to sleep.
Victoria S.
I read or get up and try to start the day as usually a nightmare happens in the morning. If I have anxiety in the middle of the night, I sometimes end up being up all night after waking up from a nightmare. It’s often hard to figure out how to get back to sleep
Laura J.
Tbh I snuggle up to my husband, he grounds me even when he's sound asleep. If that wasn't an option I don't know what I'd do. I don't have a lot of nightmares thankfully.