Do you like to stretch or do yoga before bed?

Cibele N.
No, I strech first thing in the morning or during the day, and just do a very light strech at night, nothing too intense.
Torben Z.
Yes I do! I don’t do it often, but I love doing it because it makes me feel relaxed before going to bed. I hope you can remind me to do some yoga before bed!
Melinda B.
I Don’t usually stretch before bed nor do yoga. Do I have to do that too? What are the benefits of doing any of those two?
Generally I’m trying not to make exercises 1-2h before going to sleep because it gives me lot of energy and can’t sleep. However, I have never tried yoga before bed. Plus I’m a beginner in yoga.
Kapil A.
Yes I do. Helps gain they mind and body I believe some muscle contractions will help with becoming tired, and burn calories overnight. I used to have a long routine, but now it's about 5-10 minutes.
Rachel T.
Stretching before bed is a new habit I have started and thoroughly enjoy so far. It's nice to stretch and release the day before my breathing exercises and sleep.
Carolina Y.
Yes, I’m trying to do some exercise during the morning like pilates or something like that, and before bed I’m doing some yoga and it’s perfect because I calm myself and set my mind just in the mood for have a gooood sleep and I wake up like a fresh lettuce
Eleanor N.
I haven't really stretched before bed before, but I can see the benefit to it and would like to incorporate it into my nightly routine.
Julia Q.
Generally no I like to do my Yoga practise in the morning as I am an early riser and go to bed quiet early, and I prefer to meditate before bed but I do occasionally do a Yin Yoga session as that is relaxing or a Yoga Nidra instead of a meditation .
Benjamin X.
I do not stretch or do yoga before bed, because I don't feel it would help me. Though I have not consistently practiced a structured session for a period of time, so am unaware as to the effect it may have on my sleep