Does it matter what position you sleep in? Which is the best position?

Gabbie J.
Not really I have a few different positions I sleep in it all depends on which is more comfortable that night. Most of the time it is my right side
Jay N.
As far as I am aware everyone has their favorite sleeping position. Seems that most people sleep on their back. I usually sleep sideways on my stomach. I think it’s what we are used to. Find a position that helps you sleep well and fall asleep fast
Rebecca G.
I often need to be on my side to fall asleep. Mostly I think it stops me from snoring. What is more important is that I don’t have anything on my feet and that I am not too hot or too cold. Just like Goldilocks, it has to be just right.
Mritunjaya Q.
Yes, it is very important in which position and direction you sleep. We know from geography, that all the continents were the part of greater Peninsula, but due to geographical phenomenon, they drifted apart, and started moving in the northern direction. So, geographically, Northern pole is more stronger than Southern pole. Now, when you sleep with your head in the North direction, same effect take place with your blood, which is being pulled towards your head. If more blood comes to your head, it can lead to serious head problems, including headache and even brain hemorrhage. This does not happen in one day, but over time, sleeping in the same position, will surely result in this. So, it's better to sleep in other directions. Best to keep your head pointed to West, then South, then East, and never point you head to North. So always sleep in East West direction, and not in North South direction. As far for the sleeping position, you can sleep as your comfort, but prefer sleeping such that, your other organs do not get pressurized. Have sweet dreams.
Julie I.
Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your neck or back. Sleeping on your back or side is better. You just want proper support, a good pillow, etc. Everything should be helping to keep your spine in correct alignment.
Good luck!
Shelby N.
I need to sleep on my side. Either side works, but sleeping on my back is too uncomfortable for me. The only problem with sleeping on my side is sometimes my shoulder, neck, and back hurt because I sleep all wonky. But it’s nothing a little stretching can’t fix.
Barb O.
For me it does, as I have sleep apnea and have to sleep on my back to use my CPAP machine. For others it may not matter so by all means sleep your best sleep and find a position that is most comfortable for you!
Nicole C.
I’m a side sleeper, sleeping on your left side is better for digestion and reduces nighttime indigestion and acid reflux. But wether your a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper or back sleeper there are different pillows for each style of sleeping. I use a wedge pillow with arm hole along with a body pillow.
Teresita Z.
For me, the best position is sideways on my left side. But I think it depends on the person and what you find more comfortable. Though I believe sleeping on your belly is not good for the spine.
Michelle T.
If you have sleep apnea, or any breathing issues, its best to sleep on side or tummy, cause the gravity helps to open throat. If you have back problems, best to sleep on side, usually, unless that increases the pain.
Ella Y.
Best position is when i lay on my stomach. Though its unhealthy for my back and neck, i can only fall asleep like this way
Nicole I.
I prefer sleeping on my stomach but toward one side. With one arm out stretched under my pillow, the other close to my body by my chest. And then one leg straight and the other one scrunched up.