I’m a night owl but I’ve been trying to get up earlier to get some of my work done . I just can’t find the discipline and the motivation to follow my routine. What would you suggest?

Lola U.
I'm the same! If your trouble is with waking up early, as bad as it sounds, you should try to force yourself to get up and open your window for a bit to get some fresh air. After that, if you go through your usual morning routine, it should probably wake you up enough so that you won't go back to sleep. (Or so I hope) It would take a while to change up your sleep schedule and it won't feel very good in the beginning. But change is never easy. (Also I probably shouldn't be recommending this but taking melatonin helps with that. Though you should not use that regularly or it might stop working. Do your research!!! I took that for a week just to adjust my sleep schedule, but then stopped. Had no problem with waking up early, everything stayed consistent.) Hope this helps!
Andy O.
Start with just 1 small step. If you don't manage that, it's ok. Breakdown that step to even smaller prices. Keep doing that until you get the first one done.
Premanand Kiran F.
Perhaps man is not nocturnal. Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy, wise. It is a golden rule. But how much, Of course one should go on bed after 45minutes of dusk and get up 1 hour before dawn. But only 7 to 8 hours of sleep is universally healthy. Therefore, those want to get up at 5AM. Must go to bed at 9pm and complete dinner at 8PM. It is generally idea, but all members of a family may not do, therefore some members of a family must be selected, whose body is following biological clock like yawning and naps.
Denise Z.
Hi! I used to have the same problem, and the best solution I found was to keep on getting up early for at least 7 days in a row – no matter how hard it was- then it quickly became an habit. Also, I tried to find some pleasure in getting up early, for ex. before going to sleep I left my curtains half way open so that the morning sun came in when I woke up, I also started to have a great breakfast- not just my regular toast and tea.
Another good advice is to keep motivating yourself and to feel proud every time you get out of bed. I kept remembering myself how many successful CEOs get up early.
However, I came to realize that he best part of it was to notice how calm the mornings are and how much could I get done before lunch.
So, basically it all comes down to: “Fake it, till you make it”.
Courage and good luck!
Nancy N.
I have been like that for years. I didn’t have the will power until my dr put me on a new medication and it has helped me focus more on what I need to do. I seen this app and it’s the 1st one that is free and still gives you advice and support. And now I wanna get better and do more. I’ve stop saying negative things to myself. And I know I have my family’s support. Hope this helps.