How can you go to sleep earlier?

Anjieleena N.
I can go to sleep earlier if I know I need to get up at 6:15 am because I have high school, paid work, or, a volunteering shift, or, a close family / close friendship type of obiligation event. I can do this by having my parents/ younger brother to be on the ball to remind me.
Franti Ek X.
For me it's easy, I have the best support – my 1 year old son. I am getting him asleep. When he falls asleep in my arms, I lay him down, lay by him to the shared bed and we both sleep. Whole my life I was always struggling with getting to bed early, now it's super easy – but it's not my result.
Caroline T.
Wake up earlier. Every morning set your alarm half an hour earlier. You'll be tired but when night rolls around going to bed earlier will be easier.
Also turn off electronics (or at least stop using them) an hour before you go to bed. Have a shower. Read a book. Make your bedroom cool, dark and calm. I play sleep music but that's not for everyone.

Our body temperature drops while we are asleep so studies have suggested we can 'trick' ourselves into sleeping by having a cool shower before bed or sleeping in a cool room.

Finally, invest in a good night sleep. While this isn't possible for everyone, a decent mattress, soft sheets, and personalised pillows help with a good night sleep. Go to a bedding store and test out the different pillows that are available. Price doesn't necessarily reflect quality but cheaply made pillows will lose their shape faster.

Ann N.
Difficult one to answer – i’ve tried different methods but life seems to add more on my ‘to do list’ – what seems to work is carving time before bed to meditate & do my beauty routine 😊
Nicole N.
What I started doing when I joined Fabulous was I set an alarm for one hour before my bedtime. That let me know I needed to turn off my phone or the TV…or both…and I needed to start my evening routine.
Tobias Z.
Setze dir eine Erinnerung und bereite die Routine vor, so dass die Ausführung super leicht wird. Stelle Wasser ans Bett, kaufe lecker ein, lege die Yoga Matte vor dein Bett, nimm das Sportzeug schon mit zur Arbeit. Zwinge dich zur Routine, damit sie automatisiert wird.
Sunshine N.
It’s just something you have to work yourself into. Start with making your routine before bed a little earlier, clean up, do your skincare, finish a few business things, whatever you gotta do, just try doing everything about 1-2 hours before the time you wanna go to bed. And if you have trouble adjusting and getting yourself to fall asleep earlier then maybe try drinking, some hot tea or warm milk, take melatonin gummies, lavender herb capsules, or diffuse lavender oil, cedar wood oil, or any other calming oil you like in a diffuser if you have one.