How do you get yourself to fall asleep easily?

Charlie B.
It used to be very hard for me to fall asleep but now it doesnt take me long! I usually read to get myself tired, but if your not feeling up to it or your not in the mood just get into a comfy position, take a break from your thoughts (sometimes I hum a tune) and take a deep breath and relax. Dont think about how you cant go to sleep just hum a tune or think of the ocean or something peaceful or a good deed you did that day. Hope this helped!
Rega Y.
I sleep very easily, as usual, I tend to sleep very late, I do all the thing like PMO and stuff before I sleep, now I try to changes that
Constance P.
Deconnect from screens, stop drinking 1 hour before sleep, read or meditate, have a hot shower, let fresh air in or leave window open for night.