What do your guys’ night time routines look like?

Priscilla N.
Well around 7pm I’ll come home from a 4 hour workout and the first thing that i do is go take a shower. After the shower i feel resfreshed and that is why I do it. Then i’ll go ahead and eat a decently nutritious dinner along with some water. Once all of that is down i will start to settle down in my bed and fo some quick self affirmation and meditation. Then im off to bed😴
Ilona U.
I set out water with electrolytes, and i add a special sugar for energy. I put coffee ice cubes in a thermos with Atkins shake so I can start the day with protein and nutrients. I brush my teeth, set out my outfit for the next day.
Douglas T.
For me. Usually I realize about 9:30 or 10:00 that I should start going to bed. And then I usually play video games for a half hour to 2 hours more and then I go to bed and mess around on Facebook and and probably watch some Netflix and I usually don't fall asleep until between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. lately I've been trying to drink some tea before bed which I think helps but anxiety also keeps me up