I’m a student and my bedroom is also the place where I study, how can I separate my work space from my sleep space?

Lisanne X.
Go to the library to study, or to a restaurant where it's not busy. Thats how you can separate work & sleep space :). Also helps to not study while you lay in bed ;).
Peyton U.
If at all possible, set up a “study nook” somewhere in your room, but not on your bed! Get creative and you’ll figure out what works best for you. I don’t really have space in my bedroom for a desk, but my windowsill is large so it’s the perfect spot to sit on a pillow and study.

If nothing else works and you have to use your bed, try not to study in the same spot you sleep. Try sitting at the end of the bed facing your pillows or sit where you face a window. I just finished law school so I am very well versed in creative study spots!!