How to sleep early and wake up early easily in the morning?

Cameron Z.
Try not to set unrealistic expectations just try and get as much sleep 💤 as humanly possible and start everything else from there…
Crystal C.
To be totally honest, I truly wish I knew the answer to this question, to be able to apply it to my own life. I suffer from insomnia, I'm the person you see in the commercials staring at the fuzzy static tv screen. I can never fall to sleep, or fall to sleep and stay sleep, it's tragic.
Pham N.
First , you ‘ll have to go to sleep earlier in the evening , it may be hard in a few days or maybe weeks , but you ‘ll get used to it . Before bedtime , do not use your phone or watch TV , at least 2 hours before going to sleep. You can read books or doing some easy exercises , listen to some soft , no lyrics song . But remember , you cannot sleep when you are anxious , too excited , just relax and make yourself feel comfortable . You can use alarm clock to wake you up in the morning , you should use your favourite sound , and put your clock far from your bed , so you ‘ll have to get out of the bed ( Sorry if l made some mistake because my english is not so good )
Ellen T.
Set a wake up time that is the same every day – which means, no sleeping in on weekends even if this time is 6am! If you do this, and avoid naps, it will be much easier to sleep early at night.
Софья Хлебникова N.
I wish I could have effort to fall asleep early. I believe exercising in a day and stretching before bad are crucial, because the flow of energy is balanced. I also believe tea before bed helps to warm up your heart for a nice night. And if you can’t fall asleep, try to make Your room cozy, with fresh air flowing, aroma candle or essential oil spreading around the room and darkness enriching all the corners of the room. And a nice journaling of your thoughts also can calm your mind as well as reading your book or Article that might be related to some information that is not that exiting before bed.