How do you manage your priorities so that you can go to sleep earlier?.

Frima S.
Actually I’m still trying to sleep earlier. Usually i sleep around 1am. But its better than before that i used to sleep around 2am.
Right now i just focused on the quality my sleep cycling. Try meditate, read a book before sleep, so i can sleep with a good mood 🙂
Caroline W.
Sometimes I do a brain dump after dinner (or before bed) so that I have a way to externally place all the internal thoughts- a way to set the thoughts aside until the next day. I start my days with a to do list, knowing that I may not get through it all. I set an alarm to signal when I should be getting ready for bed – whatever tasks are yet to do, I accept as incomplete for know and accept that I did my best this day.
Megan E.
I keep to a schedule regardless of if I am working or not. At the moment, I am on a 12-week lockdown as I am on the at-risk list on multiple counts, but I still get up and go to bed at the same time. It has been so helpful for me! If you are also having to self-isolate, it is also useful to create a to-do list during the day. What odd jobs have you never had time to do? What would you like to learn? Also, look at decluttering. Although you may not be able to donate the items you no longer need until after the lockdown, removing the extra stuff can help you to feel calmer and sleep better.
Rigo X.
Actually I try I do as many things I can during the morning and early afternoon. Then that really helps me to relax and go to sleep a little bit earlier than before.
Paula T.
Nothing is more important than your health, you should always prioritize sleep over work. But I do when that there are weeks where work or study requires more of your time than normally and sometimes you have to stay up late. I think being honest with yourself and with your capabilities is really important, be objective when setting up your daily goals and don't try to achieve more things that what you are capable of. There is always tomorrow, you can always get up 20 minutes earlier the next day to finish it. If you feel like this a persistent feeling that you have an extremely high amount of work and not getting enough sleep or time to do other things, do not be scared to ask for help, you can talk to your boss about the situation or maybe ask some peers for help on handling the amount of work
Andy O.
Set times in the run up to bedtime. Dinner time, TV, tidy up, let the dog out. Whatever needs to be done. Plan TV so no excuses for not going to bed. Structure is best. Then I have an alarm for go to bed, like the alarm for get up.
Mathieu Y.
I usually make sure to do my chores before dinner. After dinner there's only cleaning up. I also make sure to dim the light and leave my phone in another room. I get tired pretty early this way.