How do you force yourself to sleep when you can’t besides the method of counting sheep?

Kimberly C.
I use melatonin and pretend im sleeping until i really sleep. While people might say dont get out of bed it wilm wake yoh up sometimes i will get some water or stretch and or meditate to help relax my mind.
Emmy E.
Listen to a mildly interesting podcast or audiobook. Not a super exciting one. This way you feel productive even if you cannot sleep so no pressure. The narration from another person quiets my own thoughts. I suggest starting with The Art of War, a non-fiction, or a classic.
Jackie N.
I try a breathing exercise where I focus on inhaling for a count of 4 and then exhaling for a count of six. I also use muscle relaxation, where I focus on parts of my body from my feet up to my head and relax them one by one. If all else fails, I turn on a meditation on my phone and usually drift off within a few minutes.
David N.
I would always do something monotonous that would keep my brain occupied on one thing and eventually fall asleep. Something that usually works for me is to just keep on thinking “black”, no matter what. Thinking black, seeing black – it will eventually tire you out.

Another way is to keep your eyes just barely opened. Enough to feel it but just barely to let any light through. Focusing on this simple task always tires me out and allows to fall asleep.