How do you make your sleeping space darker, quieter, cooler

Natalie E.
I usually stick to a routine where i read for 30 mins then when i start to become steepy i turn off the mobile and anything that has a blue screen or anything that will keep me up and i stay away from high caffeine drinks like coffee…etc it really just depends on hiw you like to sleep for me i like the room superrr dark i turn on the ac for 20 mins until the room gets cold then ill sleep easily but i have to keep in mind that im not supposed to eat anything 2 hours before sleeping time
Sixto P.
I made my space “darker” by sleeping with an eye mask. Just this small change has made a huge difference! I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. I have been better about not sleeping with the tv on either. That is still a work in progress though.
Siti F.
I have known what the benefits of darker, quieter, n cooler. I want to be healthy n follow the sunnah path. Oya, my mom support me. So, we decide to do dis together 😁